It is no surprise that Lefkada’s beaches consistently rank among the finest in Europe, the Mediterranean, even the world. Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and seaside rock formations and cliffs make up this paradise that resembles the Caribbean but is situated in western Greece.


Lefkada’s short bridge link with the mainland; cosmopolitan aura that began in the ‘60s when shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis bought the private islet Skorpios, just off the island’s east coast; and most importantly, the exotic beaches, have established this Ionian Island as a leading destination for Greek and foreign tourists. From the main town of Lefkada, in the north, all the way to the cape on the island’s southernmost tip, the west coast is filled with beaches of unique and magical beauty. They feature towering white rocks and cliffs, waters manifesting every single colour shade between green and blue, fine sand and white-pebble coverage. Given the immense popularity of these beaches along the island’s west coast, it is worth making the effort to wake up early and get to them in the morning hours so that you can secure a spot under the shade and enjoy the experience without congestion.

Avali (Kalamitsi)

Avali is not serviced, while reaching the beach requires passing through a narrow dirt road with many bends. This is the place to come to when the island’s renowned beaches become congested. Essentially, Avali is the continuation of Kathisma as it is situated within close proximity. It features turquoise waters, steep cliffs and a small café at the top, by the parking space, for supplies.

Porto Katsiki

The island’s most renowned beach, it often features on the world’s top-beach lists for its exotic turquoise waters, abrupt white-rock cliffs and spectacular overall setting. Porto Katsiki is situated approximately 40 km from Lefkada, the main town, while the final stretch of the road leading to the beach narrows considerably and requires extra care when driving. Once parked, a descent of many steps is needed to reach the beach.

Getting to Porto Katsiki in the morning hours secures shade under its towering cliff, but the sun will appear opposite you as the day advances. Being a west-coast beach, this spot is ideal for a magic sunset experience. The beach is covered with sand and small pebbles, while the waters deepen abruptly.


This amazing beach, an exotic and unforgettable setting, is stretched over nearly two kilometres, which explains why it represents a good choice even during the busier, peak-season summer days. The beach’s immense size secures spacious and comfortable conditions for visitors even when people have turned up in numbers.

However, patience and effort are needed to descend more than 300 steps leading to the beach, while an even more challenging task faces visitors on the way up. But the experience promised by this wonderful turquoise-water beach with fine pebbles and white sand is well worth the effort. It is located 38 km from the main town.

H Λευκάδα από ψηλά
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One of the island’s most accessible beaches, as the tarmac road leading to it runs all the way to the beach, Kathisma is situated 16 km from the main town and is serviced, offering many beach bars, sea beds and sun umbrellas. The sand here is slightly coarser and the waters crystal-clear and turquoise.

The left-hand side of the beach features interesting rock-cave formations that are ideal for exploration with a diving mask.


Mylos can only be reached by boat from Agios Nikitas or via a trail requiring 30 minutes of walking time to cover, which explains why you will not see many people at this beach, considerably wide and sandy.

The transparent waters and fine-pebbled sand will connect you with the place and make you want to stay longer so make sure you take along your sea umbrella, water and snacks. Expect to stay here for a number of hours.