Both in Central Greece and in the Peloponnese there are wonderful villages between fir-covered slopes with picturesque alleys and beautiful hiking and road routes through the forest, which you can reach with ease and in a short time.


You don’t have to venture far from the capital to enjoy alpine landscapes and fir-covered slopes. Greece boasts countless destinations of incredible beauty, summer and winter alike.

Trikala, Corinthia

The village of Trikala in the prefecture of Corinth is built on the fir-covered slopes of Mount Kyllini. It is divided into Kato, Mesaia and Ano Trikala and is one of the most famous winter destinations. Rich in nature and less than 150 km from Athens, it is very close to the ski resort of Mount Ziria.

Starting from Kato Trikala at an altitude of 900m go up to Ano Trikala, located at an altitude of 1100m. Made of stone and wood, the houses here follow a more traditional style of architecture, such as the mansion of the famous Notaras once magnate family from Corinth.

Once you reach Ano Trikala, enjoy the view, walk through the beautiful narrow streets of the village and visit the churches dating from the 16th to the 18th century. Then descend to Mesaia Trikala to rest in one of the cosy cafés or follow one of the beautiful paths and enjoy the nature of Ziria. Top-off your walk in the large paved square with the huge plane trees in Kato Trikala and the surrounding taverns. Kato Trikala is also home to the church of Agios Dimitrios, built in 1697 and famous for its frescoes.


If you want to combine a trip with great food – and when we say great food we mean great meat – then Vytina is your destination. Built at an altitude of 1033 meters on the fir-filled Mount Menalon, it’s just two hours from the centre of Athens. If it snows, combine your visit with a trip to the ski resort just a few kilometres away and go sledding, skiing or just play in the snow on the slopes of Menalo.

If the ski resort is closed, grab a table in the village square or walk down the tree-lined Path of Love with the maples and plane trees. Alternatively, visit the lush green grove just a few minutes away, an ideal place for a leisurely stroll. Vytina’s location also makes it an ideal starting point for hiking the Menalon Trail. So put that on the itinerary too, choose a short or longer route and you’ll enjoy the ribs later without guilt. Built in 1846, the holy church of Agios Tryfon in the centre of the village deserves your attention, as does the Folklore Museum with its large collection of agricultural, logging and stockbreeding tools, looms, traditional costumes, photographic material etc.

Kastania, Corinthia

Kastania, on the back side of Mount Kyllini at an altitude of 1000 meters, is a small, beautiful village ideal for a one-day trip off the beaten track. It is about two hours from Athens and is one of the least touristy villages in mountainous Corinthia. Surrounded by fir and pine trees, it is a village in every sense of the word; small, with few inhabitants, most farmers and ranchers who do not rely on tourism. So, do not expect cafés and taverns at every turn.

It is the perfect place for a peaceful excursion, for a relaxing walk in nature or in the cobbled streets of the village dotted with charming stone houses. From there you can wander to the spruce-covered Lake Doxa or Lake Stymfalia with the Environmental Museum of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, or to the Virgin Mary on the Rock in Kato Tarsos. The latter is small chapel built literally in the rock which is entered through a crack between the towering rocks, while at certain points visitors have to almost walk in a crouch. The atmosphere is overwhelmingly mystical, and if you walk a little further you will find yourself in a clearing, a balcony on the rocks with a wonderful view.


Located on the north-western slopes of Mount Parnassos, at an altitude of about 900m, Eptalofos is flanked by tall fir trees. Built amphitheatrically, the village offers amazing views. Featuring beautiful stone-built houses and charming guest-houses, plane trees and quaint narrow alleys, Eptalofos is particularly scenic.

The big attraction of the village is the waterfall near the square. From there, a paved path starts that leads to the small but very beautiful cascade. Apart from walking through the village and enjoying your coffee or lunch in the square under the huge plane trees, you can also take the road from Eptalofos to the Ski Centre or Livadi, which is full of fir trees. Going up towards the ski resort, on your left, at an area called Varko, there is a large plateau, which when it rains turns into a lake, with a dirt road on the left that is ideal for walking among the fir trees. Reach the small chapel of Agios Nikolaos, rest and turn back to continue on the winding spruce road to the ski resort.


The village of Polydrosos or Souvala is also built on the outskirts of Parnassos above the valley of the Boeotian Kifissos River. The most beautiful route to get there, although it will take you a little longer, is the one that starts from Amfiklia and climbs up the mountain. The road may have many bends, but the fir trees on the right and left make it extremely beautiful.

Visit Ano Souvala, where the old village was located before the inhabitants moved to the more lowland location where it is today and which is covered with fir trees. As in any village, the main landmark is the square, where all the cafes and the famous for their ribs taverns are clustered. If you feel like walking outside the village boundaries, follow the rural road to the springs of Kifissos, a beautiful wetland drowned in plane trees, where the ruins of the early Christian church of Theotokos Eleousa or Panagia Mavromantila of the 5th century are located.

Where to eat

Trikala, Corinthia

Stou Dekleri: one of the most famous taverns in the area, serving mouth-watering locally sourced grilled meat and delicious casserole dishes (Ano Trikala, +30 27430 91358).

Opos Palia: it is housed in a 1935 building, the old hotel “Ziria”, and serves traditional Greek cuisine and grilled meats (Mesaia Trikala, +30 27430 91370).


To tsipouradiko tou Panteli: quaint tavern with a spacious hall, fireplace and finger-liking dishes (+30 27950 22683).

Kokkina Pitharia: sophisticated tavern serving classic main courses, plus bush meat dishes (+30 27950 29030).


Kastania: traditional tavern serving delicious casseroles, grilled meats and local wine (+30 27470 61289).

To steki: classic Greek tavern with amazing view, serving handmade pies, ribs, fresh salads and braised rooster (+30 27470 61297).


Mavrodimos: the tavern of the homonymous guesthouse serves homemade dishes such as handmade pies, wild boar stew, greens from the orchard and sourdough bread (+30 22340 61289).

Kyr-Yiannis: the tavern on the ground floor of the guesthouse “The Balcony of Agoriani” serves homemade pies, grilled meats and scrumptious casseroles such as rooster in wine sauce and braised lamb (+30 22340 61227).


Katoi Art Restaurant: a beautiful and well-appointed space that breaks away from the norms of the area. The menu includes everything from grilled shank, roast duck, beef carpaccio and ricotta ravioli to pizza (+30 22340 51586).

Kontodimos: traditional tavern in the heart of the village serving delicious lamb ribs and traditional ewe dishes for real foodies (+30 22340 51375).