Despite its size, the island boasts a variety of cultural attractions that draw visitors seeking an authentic Greek experience. The rich history and unique charm of Folegandros Island come alive through its key cultural sites and numerous events and local celebrations, particularly during the summer months.


One of the most notable summer events is the Summer Festival held throughout July. The entire island comes together to celebrate with musical concerts and feasts in Kastro, Ano Meria, and Karavostasis. Eager to preserve its traditions and resist the passage of time, Folegandros encourages the continuation of these customs, creating a vibrant cultural atmosphere for visitors to immerse themselves in.

Cultural Association

In Pounta Square a renovated stone building houses the Politistikos Syllogos, the Cultural Association of Folegandros that hosts exhibitions that reflect the history and character of the island. Allied to the Ecomuseum in Ano Meria, every August full moon they organise a musical evening.

Folklore Museum – Ecomuseum

The Folklore Museum illustrates how life was on Folegandros until the middle of the 20th century. A smallholding has been restored with a collection of rooms that housed an oil press, cheesery, and the oven. First built in the 17th century with later additions it served as an autonomous agricultural, livestock, and family home. Water was collected from the roof and stored in two large cisterns. Well preserved tools, clothes, furniture, and household utensils tell the story of a rural economy on the margins of Greek life, an isolated Aegean island. Ecomuseum – Folklore Museum of Folegandros (Tel.:22860 41069, open July to September 5PM – 8PM, Free).

Located in Ano Meria, the Folklore Museum is housed in a traditional farmhouse and features exhibits about the island’s agricultural history, local crafts, and traditional household items.

Local Festivals and Celebrations

Folegandros hosts several religious and cultural events throughout the year, such as Easter celebrations, the Feast of Agios Panteleimonas (25th July), and the Feast of Panagia (15th August). These events feature traditional music, dancing, and local cuisine.

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