The photo project “Locked Down – Nikos Kokkas’ Quarantine Diary”, is a surreal, daily expression of dreams, feelings, parallel selves, unfulfilled wishes and self-sarcasm.


This unorthodox diary was created day by day during the lockdown period in Greece. It started humble on March 19th 2020 on Nikos Kokkas’ personal Instagram account and the «public’s» reaction served as a trigger to continue until the very last day on May 3d 2020. Journalist and photographer, working as a freelancer since 1996, Nikos Kokkas used the historic, dystopic period of the lockdown against the Covid-19 pandemic, as a way out of the disappointment, the unknown future, the economic turbulence that stood ahead. Instead, he opened his apartment door to a cast of characters that lived always inside him and, probably, a little inside everybody else.

“An original idea born during the total lockdown in my city that resulted from the Covid 19 pandemic. A conversation with myself. A conflict. A debate. 

Acknowledging my fears and self-criticism, expressing unfulfilled dreams and wishes, recording my frame of mind day after day, every single day.  With a touch of exaggeration, surrealism, even theatricality. The incentive was to be truthful and authentic, unaffected by the need to impress an «audience».