For those who love quiet, short escapes next to the sea, the many fish villages in Greece are the ideal destinations each spring when the temperature rises.


Both Greece’s islands and its endless coastline are full of peaceful villages next to the sea, with picturesque ports and taverns serving fish and seafood that has just been caught.

Such places usually stay out of the limelight, and off mainstream tourist destination lists (even though this is not always the case), so they are ideal for those who would like a short, relaxing trip. The options seem – and probably are – endless, however, the following are a great start.

Perdika (Aegina)

Perdika is located at the north-western coast of Aegina, on a small cape. It’s main attractions are the imposing church of Kimisi tis Theotokou on the coast, and the islet Moni right across it. It’s just 9 km away from the town of Aegina.

Even though in recent years it has known tourist growth – you’ll notice various luxurious country houses around –, Perdika preserves its fishing village character, something that can especially be seen in the way the houses have been built, without close proximity and with the provision for large gardens.

It’s worth going to the village’s ancient olive grove, that was the location of a photo shoot for Hermes.

Sagiada (Thesprotia)

Despite being the westernmost edge of mainland Greece, just 20 km from Igoumenitsa, Sagiada is not particularly known.

Sagiada is a scenic fishing village in Thesprotia, very close to the estuary of Kalamas river, and appears to be in the location of an ancient town. It’s a very quiet settlement, without tourist development, where you can enjoy fresh fish and nice hiking trails in the surrounding mountains. All the trails are clearly marked.

Paleo Trikeri (Magnesia)

The 86 residents of this small island in the Pagasetic Gulf live in the village of the same name, that has managed to preserve its fishing village character, despite the great tourist growth in south Pelion.

There are no cars in Paleo Trikeri, while the picturesque port is surrounded by a verdant landscape, full of olive groves. It’s an ideal destination for those who don’t care about travel comforts. Visitors will be charmed by the village’s two fish taverns that serve the caiques’ catch of the day – ask for the fouskes, a rare shellfish delicacy.

Poulithra (Arcadia)

Just 9 km away from the quite famous Leonidio, you’ll find Poulithra with the beautiful little port. Poulithra maintains its traditional air, even though it is not unaffected by the tourist development of the coast of Arcadia – after all, many of the visitors from Europe that come to Poulithra, especially during the summer, are a result of the tourist development.

Poulithra is ideal for a short trip, combining traditional stone houses, a beautiful beach and many olive groves that almost reach the coast creating the impression of being on an island instead of on mainland Greece.

Klima (Milos)

Milos is a place with abundant beauty, but one of the things you must do when you’re on the island, is visit the village Klima, with the colourful houses and the amazing sunsets.

Klima is peaceful during spring, and it is the best time to observe, undisturbed, the so-called “Sirmata”: the two-storey colourful houses of the village’s fishermen, whose ground floor is used to protect their boats during the winter.

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