The Greek summer has become synonymous to dreamy beaches with crystal-clear waters; swimming, diving, playing on sandy beaches, doing water sports, sunbathing, all of those activities are tempting for Greeks and tourists alike. But some – especially the younger crowds – seek even more fun in the water, more thrilling adventures, just like those offered by water parks.


Perfect to keep children happy and occupied all day, water parks also offer adults the opportunity to have fun like children or simply relax by the pool and enjoy the sun. The only thing that’s certain is that each of the below water parks offers a unique experience, and all of them have endless activity options to cater to everyone’s needs and guarantee that the whole family will have fun.

Wet Park – Athens

When temperatures rise but holidays are nowhere near, or when the beaches of Attica are too crowded, head to the Wet Park that is located at the Akti tou Iliou beach in Alimos, turning the well-known beach into a water playground for children, full of inflatable toys suitable for children over the age of 6, inviting anyone who can play to give them a go. You’ll run on the inflatable, floating, speed track, jump on the trampoline, balance on the balancing beams, swing, cross bridges. For a less active experience, you can ride a paddle boat with its own slide, ride a single or double canoe, while there’s also an iceberg you can climb and a catapult that will eject you. It’s ideal for people who are not fond of pools, as all the games and facilities are in the sea.

Aquapolis – Spata, Attica

Only two years since it first opened, Aquapolis is just as fun whether you combine a visit to it with a visit to the Attica Zoological Park that is next door, or you decide to spend the whole day there. The great attraction is the wide range of waterslides, of every colour and every kind, large, small, tall, with multiple twists, etc. with names like Zebra, Thunder, Red Dragon, and Blue Tornado. While at the super exciting Python waterslide you’re ejected from the mouth of a serpent on your inflatable ring, and if you manage to keep it together, you’ll be able to enjoy a marvellous view.

Waterland – Thessaloniki

Just 15min from the centre of Thessaloniki, this waterpark is one of the largest – and definitely most impressive – water parks in Europe. It stretches 150,000 m² and offers so many activities, including a zoo that is located within its grounds, that one day is not enough to do everything. It has the largest wave-pool in Europe, with a 1.5m tsunami wave, at the Crazy River you’ll spin around at the endless turns, the 6 linked pools of Multi Slides will let you race your friends to see who’ll go down faster, while the giant Funnel will spin you around before dropping you in the water. Smaller children will love Pirates’ Island with water coming out a giant pirate-head-shaped barrel, while the Zen Pool is going to become a favourite among the adults, with jacuzzi facilities, ideal for some relaxation after all those dives and spinning around.

Splash Water Park – Korinthos

These water facilities, near Isthmos, 40km from Athens, are suitable even for younger children. A shallow pool, especially designed for younger swimmers, tiny, animal-shaped water slides for babies, and Splash Tower, a huge bucket that splashes everyone with water and is for children up to 7 years old. There’s something for everyone, and also for older children and adults, with many, fun choices: Kamikaze and Freefall, two steep 55m slides, a triple water slide to race your friends, Black Hole for those who dare to swirl in the darkness before ending up in the water and an 88m tall Whirlwind for extremely fast dives. When you’ve played enough, you can chill by the pool or on the Slow River, on an inflatable toy, enjoying a refreshing juice or cocktail from the pool bar.

Aqualand – Corfu

One of the largest water parks in the world, and regularly among the 25 best in Europe, it will make you leave the lovely beaches of Corfu and go on wild adventures in one of its 15 pools and 51 different water slides. The various activities that are divided in three categories – based on age and difficulty level – include games for the entire family, like Family Rafting with the inflatable canoes or Tornado for powerful swirling, while younger family members can choose between the Sliding Octopus, the Mushroom Shower, the Pirates’ Island or Fantasia. The braver will love the Extreme Games part, with the almost completely vertical 24m tall slide, the speeding Hydrotube, and the thrilling Catapult that will eject you into the air. To relax, there are umbrellas and sunbeds around the huge round main pool, or you can try the jacuzzi or even opt for a relaxing massage at the spa.

Water Village – Zakynthos

Just 4km outside the beautiful town of Zakynthos, at the village Sarakinado, you’ll find the Zante Water Village. The large park promises endless games and fun for young and old, centred around the famed towers where the excitement starts. Thrill Tower alone has 4 different ways of falling into the water, ranging from the impressive 120m slide to the fun water tube, while at the Extreme Tower you can choose to either go down a vertical slide, or slide down on a moving carpet. While children play in the pool-lake, with the Slippery Rabbit and the 3 Octopus-slides or the Children’s tower, the adults can relax in the Slow River. There are also activities outside the water, like Go Karts, trampolines and mini golf. You can finish your visit with an ice cream from the park’s gelateria, a treat for both old and young.

Tsilivi Waterpark – Zakynthos

If at some point children get tired of playing and swimming on the sandy Tsilivi beach, a great alternative is the local water park, hidden among the verdant nature, in operation for 12 years, bringing you the most imaginative and fun water adventures. Smaller children – there’s a special part of the park just for them – will love the dolphins and elephants that spray water as well as riding the Pirate ship and feel like explorers in the Water Jungle. Older children can try the Bumpy slide that will make them feel like they’re flying, while the Blackhole tube is not for the faint-hearted or the claustrophobic. If you’re in a more chilled mood, there’s a huge board for you to float on in the calm waters of the Lazy River.

Water Park – Rhodes

Such a popular island like Rhodes, was bound to have a water park, in fact, it has one of the largest and oldest in the country. Despite its age, due to the constant maintenance and updates, it remains ever exciting. It’s situated near the famous Faliraki and you can get there on free buses from town. From the big wheel you’ll be able to see not just the entire, amphitheatrically-built, park, but also the east side of the island, up to the coast. There’s a Pirates’ Ship for small children here too, as well as a Funny Bridge, that will make children laugh their hearts out, since every time they cross it they will be splashed with water. There are many options for older children and adults as well, in particular the giant Wet Balloon, the Stingray-Slide, the Triple Crazy-Cones and the Capsizing Bucket. Other thrilling activities include 5 different water slides, each steeper and faster than the previous one, where you’ll feel like you’re ejected by consequent water torrents.

Aquatica Water Park – Kos

On idyllic Kos, and more particularly near Kardamena that has turned into an important tourist resort on the island, Aquatica regularly features on the lists of the best water parks in Europe. Small children have their own water playground – where no adults are allowed – with mini water slides and water games even suitable for toddlers. The rest of the grounds is taken up by spectacular water slides for all ages, with many options for braver visitors, who must definitely try the long descent at Free Fall or the wild twists and turns of Spin Bowl. Alternatively, try to tame the waves of Wave Ride on an inflatable floaty, or go through the covered Hydrotube 1400 with extreme speed to end up in a cool pool. To relax, you can float on the slow Lazy River that goes around the café that serves a satisfying variety of snacks to recover your strength.

Lido Water Park – Kos

At the opposite side of the island, at Mastihari, 25km from the town of Kos, you’ll find another space for water adventures. At the Lido waterpark, the activities on offer are not unusual but are enough to fill a day with playing and pure fun. Their motto is “thrill or chill”, and you’re certain to find a lot of action at the Wave Pool, the Double Crazy River, the four-slide Kamikaze, and the waterslides full of turns and twists. As for relaxation, there are plenty sunbeds around the pools, the palm trees and the flowers, and there’s always the option of jacuzzi.

Aqua Park – Paros

Near the famous Kolimpithres beach, Paros’ water park has 13 slides, of varying sizes and gradients, to suit all ages. The water on the slides, but also in the pools, is seawater, so people sensitive to chlorine can enjoy themselves here. Another novelty of this waterpark is that all slides end on a private beach, so you can combine swimming in the sea with having fun on the slides.

Water City Park – Heraklion, Crete

Water City Park was awarded the 2020 Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice distinction, that confirms its reputation as an exceptionally well-designed recreation centre. Small children have two playgrounds and five water slides, while the space holds 36 different water games and slides. There are different classifications according to difficulty level, 8 water slides are classified as medium level, and there are 3 that are only for the extremely brave. Test your endurance, with the consequent turns and the exciting speed of Ofisss Rattlesnake, with both closed and open super slides, and don’t miss Tarzan’s Games, where you can hang form pulleys before diving in the pool. At the end of the day, relaxing in the jacuzzi is more than welcome.

Aqua Creta Limnoupolis – Chania

The first thing that will strike you here is the wonderful location. Just 7km from the town of Chania, Limnoupolis is literally drowned in vegetation. The 1,500 m² central pool is spectacular, with some parts being 3.80m deep, giving the impression you’re swimming in the sea. There’s a pool bar, a jacuzzi and an artificial island with wooden toys and a hanging bridge. Children are in for even more fun at the Children’s pool with the revolving wooden barrel with the colourful water slides. Apart from the numerous water slides – free falling, with triple swings, closed and gigantic – the artificial river that slowly crosses the rich gardens, with natural stone on its banks – a truly well-made structure – is quite impressive.

Star Beach Village & Watepark, Hersonissos, Crete

Fun and games never stop at Star Beach, one of the first and most famous water parks in Europe, right next to the sea. At the 4,000 m² of the free-entrance park, you’ll receive a warm welcome and you’ll be able to play countless games, enjoy 7 pools, various waterslides, play water sports, while every second will feel like a party for all ages. Children will love sliding through the body and mouth of a friendly dragon; adventure lovers will enjoy the endless twists and turns and the speed going down the water slides, while the braver can even try bungee jumping.

Aqua Plus – Hersonissos, Crete

20 years in operation, 50 different water slides and games, just 5km from Hersonissos. However, numbers are not enough to describe the first water park of East Europe that seems like fun and games heaven, with a heavenly garden, verdant, full of palm trees, flowers, endemic plants and a view of the sea. Aqua Plus is divided in two parts, one part for children and one for extreme sports afficionados. Among other things, children will slide in the Children’s pool on octopus tentacles, explore the Inflatable Castle, play table tennis, soccer, or float down the Slow River wearing a life jacket. Older visitors will feel overcome with thrill at the Giants of Terror, the Tsunami, the Crazy River, the Kamikaze and the rest of the impressive water slides. When you’ve had enough of the pools and rides, you can head to the jacuzzi or get a relaxing massage at the spa.

Note: All of the above water parks operate under the supervision of lifeguards and fully trained staff, so you can dip into the water and have fun without any worries.

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