Not far from Athens, some fabulous destinations combine superb waters with incredible landscapes, and can be reached without having to board a boat or plane. You just drive there.


Not surprisingly, the southern part of mainland Greece, the Peloponnese, is a popular summer getaway. The best way to become acquainted with the wider area is by driving around on a car excursion. Not having a car or not trusting the one you have is no reason to avoid this road trip.

An Avis car rental solution promises the safest and most efficient way for enjoying the Peloponnese beaches. Choose a base and, from there, drive to destinations worth discovering. A car-rental plan offers flexibility. You can visit any beach any time you like and not leave until you have experienced the sunset. You may want to combine your swim with a visit to an archaeological site or take a nature-appreciating drive. Overall, an Avis car rental solution allows you to organise every aspect of your trip exactly as you wish, or change your plans any way you like.

We recommend ten seaside spots in the Peloponnese, definitely worth including in your itinerary for upcoming long-weekend plans.

Kalogria, Achaia

Situated 45 km from Patras, Kalogria beach is highly popular among locals from the wider Achaia region. An extremely long beach stretching 9 km, it offers transparent turquoise waters that deepen gradually, making this spot ideal for families. It has a beach bar and sunbeds for rent – at some points. The immense size of this beach makes detachment easy to achieve, if you prefer serenity. We believe the side to the right, at the sand dunes, is the best spot as it offers a superb view of the sea and the Strofylia pine forest.

Kalogria beach on the map:

Derveni, Corinthia

If travelling from Athens towards the west side of the Peloponnese, it is worth stopping for a first dip at one of the Gulf of Corinth beaches. Derveni is a good choice. It is less crowded than Xylokastro and is covered with fine pebbles. The water is as clean as can be, and, as is the case with most Gulf of Corinth beaches, it deepens abruptly. Make the most of the travel flexibility offered by your Avis car rental solution and take a small 10-km detour to marvel at the special view offered by the Panagia Katafygiotissa monastery.

Derveni on the map:


Located just 145 km from Athens, Tolo, a superb seaside attraction, was particularly popular in the 1980s and has been enjoying a revival for a number of years now. Tolo’s biggest beach, Psili Ammos, is situated directly in front of the town and offers a superb view of the Argolic Gulf as well as of two islets, Koronisi and Romvi. Tolo can serve as a base for drives to other marvellous beaches, such as Kantias, an ideal spot for windsurfing enthusiasts.

Tolo on the map:

Voidokoilia, Messinia

An Instagram favourite courtesy of its semi-circle shape, exquisite sand and turquoise waters, Voidokoilia beach is not serviced, so arriving with your own supplies is important. This beach is located at a particularly impressive wetland region, Divari lake (Gialova Lagoon). The waters at Voidokoilia beach are neither deep nor cold, while the superb landscape enhances the beauty of Palaiokastro, the castle built by the ruling Franks during medieval times. If you can cope, head up to the castle for a panoramic view of the beach and the Costa Navarino resort area.

Voidokoilia on the map:

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Kalamaki, Argolida

Epidavros and the town’s wider region is a perfect destination for a long-weekend getaway by car. It combines natural beauty, good food, ancient theatre and, of course, swimming at the beach. Kalamaki beach is an exceptional choice. This pebble-covered beach is ideal for relaxation, but make sure you have all the essentials as this spot has no services. Alternatively, if you prefer serviced beaches, take a drive with your Avis vehicle to Gialasi, at Palaia Epidavros, an ideal beach for children and individuals keen on water sports.

The beach on the map:

Agiannaki beach, Messinia

Agiannaki beach, a stunningly beautiful spot, is 12 km north of Kyparissia. This long sandy beach is situated next to a charming pine forest. The combination of superb waters and forest has established the location as an attraction for holidaymakers around Europe. The town Kyparissia is an ideal base for venturing out to some of Greece’s finest beaches.

Beach on the map:

Alypa, Lakonia

Mani, the middle peninsula of the Peloponnese, features many attractions and beaches that can be explored by car. We suggest you do not skip Alypa beach, even though it is not the most comfortable of places. This beach is not sandy but, instead, covered with bulky white pebbles. The bay is blessed with transparent turquoise waters, well protected from the winds, while its beach tower houses offer a magical touch for a unique atmosphere. Scenes from “Tempest”, the 1982 film starring John Cassavetes, a loosely based, modern-day adaptation of the William Shakespeare play “The Tempest”, were filmed at Alypa beach. If a trip to Mani seems too far away, keep in mind that an Avis car rental plan represents a cost-efficient solution as the company offers a wide range of modern, fuel-efficient cars, as well as numerous discount offers and collaborations, benefitting all customers.

Kourouta, Ilia

Kourouta has been described as the “Mykonos of the Peloponnese” as a result of the numerous entertainment options it offers. This beach is lined with beach bars and restaurants and is a good choice for travellers preferring serviced beaches. Even so, the immense size of the beach has enabled many sections to remain untouched, ideal for individuals just wanting to lay out their beach towels. Like many other Ilia region beaches, Kourouta offers immaculate waters and a big sandy beach. Also, the Ionian island Zakynthos is visible from here. Kourouta is an appropriate base for exploring the Ilia region’s beaches, such as Glyfa, to the north, and Kaifa, to the south.

Kourouta on the map:

Poulithra, Arcadia

Though the beaches of the Arcadia region do not enjoy the lofty reputations of other Peloponnese regions, Poulithra, a village with a long, pebble-covered beach, is a great example of the region’s coastal beauty. The water here, shallow and ideal for families, is surrounded by trees, including olive trees. The village features lovely traditional architecture and excellent food choices at very decent prices.

Poulithra on the map:

Lagouvardos, Messinia

Lagouvardos, a beach with golden sand and transparent blue waters, is located 7.5 km from Gargalianous and 3.5 km from Marathoupoli. Rocky sections to the left and right of the beach add to the overall beauty. Over more recent years, the beach has become particularly popular among surfing enthusiasts as it offers many waves, without strong currents, making the spot safe. If you are a surfer or keen on any other water sport and want to transfer your equipment to the beach, Avis will have the appropriate car solution for you.