The rock islets Pothitos and Pothitaki are familiar sights for residents of coastal Lagonisi, south of Athens, or visitors to the area, but even they tend to overlook these spots, ordinary-looking from afar and above water level.


The two rock islets offer fascinating underwater worlds filled with marine life, making them an attraction for divers. Their close proximity to Athens is an added advantage for divers based in the capital.

Pothitos and Pothitaki have been given far less exposure than other coastal spots of the wider Athens area. A drive to Lagonisi, and, from there, a boat ride across towards the islets, is well worth the effort.

Keep in mind, the Saronic Gulf area hosting the two islets offers no protection against north and west winds. As a result, heading towards the two rock islets on days with north wind forecasts of over 3 Beaufort is not advised. If the winds intensify while you have already reached the islets, make sure to depart swiftly for a return to the mainland, with the winds to your side.

Imposing setting

Upon first sight, Pothitos and Pothitaki seem like two typical rock islets. Neither of the two offer any beaches, just rocky coastlines. They acquire low-level greenery in the summer. However, the sea area between the two islets is ideal for mooring. The waters are blue and transparent, over a sandy seabed. They are ideal for swimming.

The underwater setting is another world, an exciting prospect for divers. Diving experiences can start at just 2 metres, making the spot suitable for beginners, and can reach a depth of 40 metres. The underwater world here offers rich beauty, including imposing rock walls filled with crevices and domes. They host sponges, red seaweed, as well as some corals.

The area’s rich marine life may also offer viewings of dusky groupers, greater amberjacks, gilt-head breams and octopuses, regulars in these waters, which is why many fishermen, professionals and amateurs, are also drawn to the area.

Islet directions

You will need a boat to get to these islets. Some travellers prefer to take off from Anavyssos, but Lagonisi is the closest point from the wider Athens area, just 1.5 nautical miles from the islets.

Lagonisi is 34 km from the centre of Athens, a 50-minute drive. If you do not have a vehicle, bus service is offered along the Athens-Sounio line. As for the boat ride across, Lagonisi’s Glistra area is the best starting point. Keep in mind that it is best to avoid the southeastern side of the islets if you are unfamiliar with the area as reefs can be encountered.

Visitors who do not have their own boats can rent vessels, or visit Pothito and Pothitaki as part of an organised group tour offered by diving schools on the mainland’s coastline, directly opposite.

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