Discover the enchanting world of Samos’ artisanal shops, where creativity and tradition harmoniously intertwine. Explore Athina Boura’s exquisite handmade jewelry, Melissa’s delightful array of Greece’s finest offerings, Choma en Thalassi’s treasure trove of souvenirs and organic products, 2the Little Store’s luxurious designer brands, Gefseis se Oinopoleio’s culinary bounty, and Kallisti Gallery’s captivating contemporary art. These charming establishments promise an unforgettable shopping experience steeped in Greek culture and craftsmanship.


Handmade… 925 Jewelry

Within a quaint shop nestled beside Marathokampos beach, one discovers Athina Boura’s remarkable jewelry creations. Combining various materials with a silver foundation, her pieces evoke a timeless elegance and charm.

Address: Kampos Marathokampou, 831 00 Phone: +30 22730 38041, +30 693 241 2868 Website:

Melissa in Samos

Much like the honeybee that inspired its name, Melissa thrives on a rich assortment of Greece’s finest offerings—wine, ouzo, olive oil, honey, herbs, spices, and sea salt. Discover handcrafted ceramics, wooden crafts, leather items, pure face and body care products, and cotton-woven essentials for the kitchen, bath, or beach.

Address: Central Square, Kokkari, 831 00 Phone: +30 22730 92872, Website:

Choma en Thalassi

Choma en Thalassi, located in Samos’ historic Pythagorion, offers a treasure trove of gifts, souvenirs, fashion accessories, handmade jewelry, organic products, and ceramics. Set within a lovingly restored stone building, this charming store stands on the ancient port of Samos, from which it derives its name.

Address: Lykourgou Logotheti 15, Pythagorio, 831 00 Phone: +30 22730 62303 Website:

2the Little Store

In a quaint corner of Pythagorio, 2the Little Store champions Greek designers, offering unique and high-quality handmade garments and accessories. A treasure trove of luxury designer brands, this store provides a distinct shopping experience, replete with character.

Address: Pythagorio, 831 00 Phone: +30 697 197 2610 & +30 694 298 6366 Website:

Gefseis se Oinopoleio

Awash with flavors and traditions, Gefseis se Oinopoleio celebrates the culinary bounty of Greece. Discover a tantalizing array of cheeses, sausages, legumes, pasta, olive oil, and spices, along with traditional sweets, jams, Belgian chocolates, and a curated selection of Greek wines, raki, and ouzo.

Address: Karlovasi, 831 00, Phone: +30 22730 33015 Website:

Kallisti Gallery

A showcase of Greek creativity, Kallisti Gallery presents an exceptional array of contemporary art and home decor from Greek designers and artists. Admire handcrafted gold and silver jewels, striking sculptures, and masterful glasswork, alongside whimsical trinkets to adorn any living space.

Address: Lykourgou Logotheti 55, Pythagoreio, 831 00 Phone: +30 22730 62155

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