You can easily get everywhere when you only carry a backpack on your shoulders. In stark contrast, a heavy suitcase raises steeply the degree of difficulty, while your patience is being tested.


The feeling one gets when opening a well-organized backpack is similar to the feeling one gets when sitting at a clean desk or opening a tidy closet; safety and comfort. A heavy backpack that, along with all of your personal belongings, gets completely soaked at the first rainstorm certainly won’t stay in your mind as an exciting travel memory. Finding the right backpack requires a certain amount of know-how. The following features profile a backpack for comfortable rides that will keep all of your belongings in place. Remember that the backpack should be compatible with your body proportions. The measurement starts from the shoulders and goes down to the top of the hips.

1. Should not be heavy when empty: The backpack is in constant contact with your back. If it’s heavy before you’ve even put anything in, then your travel adventures will always be pointlessly strenuous. Apart from that, extra baggage weight usually means extra financial charges at the airport.

2. A hip belt is essential: With a hip belt, the backpack remains stable and offers a relaxed and comfortable fit on the body.

3. Should have multiple compartments: A feature that eliminates the relentless digging through your backpack to find what you’re looking for. If the backpack has multiple compartments, organizing and storing items becomes so much easier. This way, moreover, you can always keep your clean and dirty items separate, thus reducing cross-contamination and odors in your backpack. Water bottle comportment is also essential.

4. Should be waterproof: For obvious reasons; your personal belongings should always be protected in case of rainfall.

5. Proper ventilation: A backpack with perforated back ensures proper airflow between the back and the backpack so you won’t sweat.

6. Locking zippers: The safety of your personal belongings is a priority. TSA lock for locking zippers is ideal for al luggage. It has a combination and resettable code. It also allows airport security authorities to unlock and check baggage without damaging it.

7. Pockets and compartments on, around and under the backpack: If you can easily access the contents of the backpack, then you will save time and feel more secure during every trip.