Vradeto, the highest village in the Zagorohoria region, is known for its one-of-a-kind stone path that used
to be the only way to the village. Also known as “Zagori’s Balcony”, at an altitude of 1,340m, located
on the north-western slope of Mount Tymfi, a stone’s throw from the Vikos gorge, Vradeto is famous for its strange stone stairway, the Skala of Vradeto. Built on a rocky slope of varying altitudes and steep gradient, this stairway consists of 1,100 small steps that lead to Kapesovo.


This stairway, a winding stone structure with black and white rocks creating three different lanes is a creative solution provided by the builders of this intricate and complicated construction to manage traffic between people and animals in this uneven, rough area, since this was the only way from the village to the surrounding areas, beyond the mountains.

For centuries, the village’s hard-to-reach location has made it impossible to open a road to facilitate the
transportation of people and goods any other way. In fact, up until the early 1970s the Skala path was the only way in and out of the village. The new road, that bypasses the gorge, was built in 1974, and, almost
instantly, the meandering Skala and the two bridges, Pera and Dothe, that go over the Mezaria ravine fell into disuse.

In 1988, Skala and the two bridges were listed as historic monuments, since they “are typical examples of the local folk architecture and they bear witness of how the locals survived and communicated in the past, and thus are important for the study of the history of architecture”. The Vradeto steps are a dry-stone construction, with 39 turns, about 1,5km in length with a 250m altitude variation. Legend has it that it took 20 years to complete and for the people of Vradeto to start using it, and while it has not yet been definitively dated, it is estimated that it was built in the 18 th century.

Today the steps use has changed, but it remains an impressive mountainous path, challenging hikers who
want to explore the area. Going down the steps takes about an hour, while the view of the Mezaria ravine, at the edge of the Vikos gorge, from the steps is spectacular.

If you are in the mood for a mountainous hike, you can drive to Vradeto and then follow the marked trail to Kapesovo, which takes about 1,5 hour to complete. If you want to challenge yourself one step, literally and figuratively, further, you can go down and then back up the 1,100 steps of Skala of Vradeto. In this case, the hike to and fro will take about 2,5 hours, including frequent stops to take in the views.

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