A narrow strait, just 1 km wide, separates Rhineia from Delos and the two islands have been intrinsically linked since the first settlers. Acting as the necropolis of Delos, the bones of the dead were transferred to Rhineia in the great cleansing of the Sacred Isle ordered by the Oracle, while pregnant women were transported there in order to give birth and not desecrate Delos.


Dwarfed in significance by its stellar neighbours, Rhineia nevertheless rewards those who wander its shores. Boats tend to moor in the harbours at Generali and Kasari, and there are a few farmhouses scattered around, mostly centred around the chapel of Agia Triada that lies in front of a fantastic beach, a million miles away from the crowded shores a half an hour sail opposite. A few ruins of the Hellenistic city and a sanctuary to Hercules survive, but, in truth it is an island for those who are lucky enough to have their own boat who can explore the 43 km of coastline, discovering the many bays, coves and deserted sandy beaches.

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