Traverse charming villages by train, or find yourself feeding wild horses atop mountains with jaw-dropping views. Embrace your inner chef while sipping Ouzo, then explore the underwater realm through scuba diving. Unleash your adventurous side with sailing, kayaking, or cycling escapades, all under the watchful eye of seasoned professionals. Lesvos: a place where every day is an unforgettable adventure, and every adventure is uniquely memorable.


Village Train

For an outing that’s as charming as it is clichéd, hop aboard the “Village Train” for a jaunt through Mithymna, Petra, and Anaxos. Behold historical monuments and quaint village streets, all while marveling at the fact that trains and sand coexist. Disembark at will to appreciate each locale’s unique beauty or to escape the train’s relentless chug. Embark on this daily adventure from Mitimna or Petra; no guarantees it won’t steal your heart.


Feed the wild Horses – Lepetymnos mountain

Lesvos: an island that takes its vacation days seriously. Natural wonders, cultural relics, and unapologetically breathtaking views await. Seafari Adventures will lead you up Lepetymnos Mountain, where off-roading is a level-5 challenge and the views are a level-10 reward. Early birds will relish the morning dew, while latecomers can still enjoy a spectacle. Bask in panoramic views, feed wild horses, and marvel at the sheer audacity of nature. Descend to Kariofilis Farm, where George has harnessed the power of Aronia seeds in a quest to conquer superfood domination.


Cooking Lesson “Ouzo-Meze”

Fancy yourself a Lesvian chef for a day? Lesvos sits at the crossroads of culinary fusion, and your taste buds will thank you. “I am in Love with Plomari” – you might say! Amid fragrant flora, indulge in hands-on cooking with traditional recipes, fueled by that world-famous Ouzo. It’s more than a meal; it’s a cultural smorgasbord! Enjoy your creations alfresco, serenaded by birdsong. Fret not, they’ve got a recipe book to jog your holiday memory.


Discover Scuba Diving

For neophyte scuba enthusiasts, this program offers an exhilarating taste of the underwater world, sans certification. Choose from a 3-hour shore-based adventure (DSD1) or a 5-hour boat-based escapade (DSD2). Learn the ropes (and tanks) with a blend of theory and practice. Delve into shallow waters, perform basic skills, and explore the depths, always under expert supervision. The second dive in DSD2 takes you to a whole new level, literally, at 12 meters below!


Alternative Sailing

Sail the Aegean on day trips accommodating up to 9 people, exploring the azure wonders surrounding Lesvos. Activities include sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and savoring food and drinks. For the truly nautical at heart, multi-day trips are also available. Ahoy, adventure awaits!


kayak adventure

Prepare for an enlightening morning of kayaking, archaeology, and refreshments. Set sail towards Sigri, moor up, and paddle along the shores. Discover the marvels of the 20-million-year-old Petrified Forest, created by volcanic mayhem. Afterward, unwind with a cool drink and a swim, snorkeling amidst a shipwreck-turned-fishy-abode. You’ll return with tales of adventure and a newfound appreciation for Earth’s history.


Lesvos Ride

Calling all cycling enthusiasts! Lesvos Ride is your one-stop shop for all things bicycle tourism. Choose from comprehensive tour packages, guided rides led by seasoned cyclists, top-notch mountain bike rentals, and training courses from a certified instructor. With over 15 years of pedaling experience, Lesvos Ride guarantees to safely guide you through the scenic trails of Lesvos Island. Time to gear up and roll out!


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