A magical aquatic microcosm, 45 minutes away from the centre of Athens, just before Lavrio, awaits to be explored. Its name is strange, not one to be easily forgotten. Like a call, a code word, a nickname. Dipping in the green-blue waters of Tsiou beach is like dipping in serotonin.


Tsiou beach is not easy to spot and it’s not serviced. Two, at first sight, disadvantages, that are in fact what make it so popular with people in need of total calmness. No racket ball, no loud talking. Just you and the sea. The sea and you. You don’t need anyone else, after all, to find yourself. Before you go make sure to take water and any other provisions you think you’ll need to feel secure, and when you get there, just let the waves carry all your worries away. The beach is near Sounio Villas, at the edge of the Posidonia peninsula.

At the start of Lavrio follow the signs to “Akrotiri”. When you reach the dead end, park your car and follow the path. In a few minutes you’ll be on the beach. If you need a beach bar, a sunbed and an umbrella, to go to a beach, then don’t go to this beach because you won’t appreciate it as it deserves. But, if you’re open to new experiences, then this is for you.

The people who visit this beach seem to already know its “secret” code that dictates silence, and if they don’t they immediately catch up. Tiny and grandiose, isolated and companionate. Tsiou beach resembles the summer.

The Temple of Poseidon in Sounio is nearby. You can go for a swim and then visit it to get some pure light.

Returning to the city centre won’t be easy: the magical images that your mind will keep will make the transition to your daily routine almost painful.