It started 30 years ago as a recreational park for the youth of Pavliani, a small village in the prefecture of Fthiotida, perched on the south-eastern slopes of the mythical Mount Oeta, and has nowadays become one of the top destinations of Central Greece, attracting thousands of visitors all year round.


The famous natural park of Pavliani, about 2.5 hours away from Athens, extends to the headwater of the Asopos River – on the lush green slopes of Mount Oeta – making it an ideal destination for the whole family and especially for young children who will absolutely love it.

Following the main path, in addition to the impressive cascades and the shades and shadows of century-old trees reflected in the waters of Asopos, visitors also come tête à tête with small and big surprises that turn walking into a thrilling adventure and cause time to pass quickly in this pleasant and unique natural environment.

Remember that all these “surprises” in Pavliani Park, which fully respect the unique natural environment and become one with it, are the result of the love and voluntary work of the village’s residents.

Let’s go to the park

The central gate to the Park lies between Ano and Kato Pavliani that essentially constitute the two settlements of the village, which is built at an altitude of 1.040 metres – at the entrance to the Oeta National Park – amongst a dense fir forest.

Going down towards the main path, visitors get a first whiff of what is going to follow from the musical suspension bridge (called “Μουσικώνει” in Greek, which could translate as “Musicking”), reminiscent of piano keys, which welcomes you musically. On the opposite bank of Asopos, lies the Hydropower Museum, consisting of three stone-built, tile-roofed buildings, which house water-powered traditional gear.

Your route starts from here, through a beautiful natural environment with plane trees, maple trees, walnut and chestnut trees, which is flooded with different colours every season. Along the main path, which often crosses the Asopos River via quaint wooden bridges, you will see many whimsical signs providing information and directions.

The whole route through Pavliani Park is an exciting adventure or rather a great game, since at every step you will have to prove your skills through interesting and original activities that will surprise you pleasantly.

You can swing over the river, touching – literally- the treetops or play bowling, tennis, river-volley, classic tabletop football and much more; work out in the outdoor gym, trampoline and yoga centre; climb fairytale tree-houses and, to get your adrenaline pumping, take a pulley ride over the river or get a taste of the Wild West and “The Game of Thrones”.

After all that action, it’s time for some relaxation and rest, on benches, sometimes accompanied by poetic verses, in colourful hammocks over the waters of Asopos or on the wooden deckchairs next to the natural pool, ideal for a foot-bath or swimming in the summer months.

The many brilliantly vivid signs add their own colour to the Park. Imaginative verses and sketches provoke both laughter and reflection.

To the “Iron Throne”

Continue uphill, through a path full of tall fir, walnut, chestnut and plane trees, until you reach the “Throne of Zeus”, which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Maliac Gulf. There also stands an impressive replica of the world-famous “Iron Throne” from the epic popular TV series “The Game of Thrones” – an awe-inspiring work of the Pavliani volunteers, which was constructed and placed on site, at an altitude of 1.260 metres, with toil and labour.

This part of the route is difficult and requires stamina, good physical condition and of course the right equipment. It goes without saying that you must follow the signs (“red” signs), carry water with you and keep track of time.

How it all started

About 30 years ago, the young people of Pavliani thought of creating a recreation area at the springs of Asopos – for sports and other activities- in order to spend their free time pleasantly, as the options they had for sports, recreation and entertainment were very limited.

Thus, from an idea, accompanied by a lot of love, passion and zeal for the natural environment of the area, the park of Pavliani was born, which year after year expanded and became an integral part of the village and the local community. The residents helped a lot in this, as they granted their land and fields next to the Asopos River, which until then had been used for agriculture, in order to expand the park and become a reference point for the whole area. “The park was created to provide an alternative for the local youth in particular and the residents of Pavliani in general, and overtime it has evolved into a unique thematic destination, a trademark of our village”, said to the president of the Cultural and Educational Association of Pavliani, Mrs Letta Kretsa, noting that the park’s current image is the result of years of effort and toil by the members and friends of the association and the village.

The support from both local businesses and the Municipality of Lamia to this effort is significant, especially after the serious damages the park suffered from the 2020 storm Janus. It took a lot of money and effort to get a large part of the park back to its old beloved form.

Pavliani Park is the best proof of what a local community can achieve when it has ideas and open horizons, making the most of the natural environment, with love and respect. “But if something has stayed with me the most is the unconditional love that even the last little nail radiates” commented a visitor of the Visitors Park, describing aptly in a few lines the love and passion of the residents – volunteers of Pavliani for their creation.

The Park of Pavliani on the map

The route in the park of Pavliani is circular and perfectly suitable for the whole family (up to 2.5 hours). It has a total length of 6 km and an altitude difference of 272 m (total altitude difference 1,246 m). At the main gate there is a sign with information on how to activate a detailed digital map on your mobile device, which will display your location in real time (via NFC or QR code).

There are many places in the Park where you can rest and have a picnic under the shade of the trees. Enjoy your snacks and be sure to bring plenty of water with you.

It goes without saying that you must not leave litter in the Park (take it with you when you return) and that you must not destroy or remove any part of the equipment of the games and activities (e.g. balls, pins, etc.). In other words, total respect for the work and effort of the village volunteers.

A charming canteen called “Casa de Papel”, featuring a mobile VW bar, is located at the entrance/exit of the Park. On the sofas and pouffes, under the “mushroom” heaters, you can relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a drink or a cocktail and now in winter a glass of mulled wine.

In the village of Pavliani, as well as in the surrounding area, you will find many welcoming guest houses and charming restaurants offering delicious local dishes that will satisfy every gastronomic requirement. The village is 240 km. from Athens (via the National Road from the junction of Thermopylae) and 340 km. from Thessaloniki, while access from Patras is via Nafpaktos – Eratini – Itea – Amfissa – Bralos – Pavliani (160 km.).