Why? Because every shopping spree deserves a coffee break, and every Saturday family outing calls for a tasty meal with a view. At Golden Hall, the options for a quality meal whether on the go or at a beautifully set restaurant table are plenty.


On the ground floor of the Shopping Center, amidst the impressive shop window displays, you will find numerous choices for a tasty quick snack, a refreshing ice cream maybe, or a soft drink.

From the delicious Tsoureki, puff pastries, and sweets of Terkenlis, inspired by Thessaloniki, to the fantastic ice creams of Kayak and the excellent coffees of Carpo where you can also pick up fine chocolates and dried fruits to take home, to the fantastic sandwiches from Tyrokomio Kostarelos and the deli suggestions of Il Baretto which are satisfying enough to keep you fueled all day, a stop for a drink or a snack on this floor of Golden Hall is a true delight. Equally good for a snack is the Everest Exclusive, this time on the first floor of Golden Hall, where there are delicious pies and excellent pizza straight from the wood oven.

If you crave a doughnut or a slice of authentic American cheesecake, though, Starbucks right across from the main entrance of the Shopping Centre is where you will find fantastic treats, perfect lemonade and juices, and, of course, the coffee that the American chain is famous for.

The food experience continues on the first floor of the Shopping Centre, where comfortable cafés await to enjoy your coffee in a bright and accessible space set against some of the most beautiful and sophisticated shops in Golden Hall. From Flocafe Espresso Room, Cultivos Coffee to Petit Fleur with its French bistro aesthetic, you can take a break here from exploring the shops or simply arrange a meet with friends for a drink and dessert.

At Golden Hall you are in for a complete dining experience as nestled among beautifully arranged tables on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Shopping Centre, an array of international cuisines await.

Yearning for a juicy American style burger? Make your way to the beloved T.G.I. Fridays on the 1st floor. A haven for warm family moments, it is one of Golden Hall’s most child-friendly spots. Located near stores brimming with toys, the XPLORE Entertainment Centre, and the Athens Olympic Museum, it is the perfect place to end a day of shopping, exploration and play, topped off with delectable food.

For a more tranquil setting, venture away from the busy stores and take the escalator or lift up to the 2nd floor of Golden Hall where you will find a world of choice from Asian, Italian, Mediterranean dishes, and, of course, Greek cuisine – whatever you select satisfaction is on the menu.

At Wagamama where you can enjoy delightful noodles, sushi, and some of the most renowned dishes that have journeyed from the far reaches of Asia to find a special place in our gastronomic hearts.

At Pastis Brasserie, with its intricate décor and inviting ambiance, you will be treated to a unique dining experience where you can savour dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and influenced by French gastronomy.

Across the way, authentic dishes from La Pasteria transport you to neighboring Italy. However, if you prefer homely and familiar flavours, give De Meat Boys a try – expect well-cooked skewers, crispy fried potatoes, and freshly cut salads, while at Petite Fleur indulge in delicious cakes in glamorous vintage surroundings.

No matter what you like and no matter what time you visit Golden Hall great tastes are always here.