In Greece, there is always some time for ouzo, the anise-flavoured Greek aperitif, and mezze. This traditional combo is considered unbeaten and often serves as the best companion every time one needs to weigh things up before making a decision. A tall glass, one or two ice cubes, ouzo with aniseed and a teeny tiny plate of meze masterfully made.


If you want a meze to bring back the best holiday memories, try this easy recipe; green tomatoes cut neatly into thin slices, dipped in egg and then in flour and tossed in hot oil until golden. A dish of amazing flavour, despite its simplicity.

Try the recipe and feel that you are still in Greece!

This mezze is simple and fast. The acidity of the tomato makes it also the perfect companion for your beer or wine.

Serves: 4 Prep.time: 15′ Cooks in: 20′ Ready in: 35′


6 large green tomatoes, thickly sliced
200 g flour
160 g corn flour
2 large eggs
sun flower oil for frying
salt, pepper

For serving:
basil pesto from a jar
basil leaves


Step 1:
Transfer tomatoes on kitchen paper, season with salt and drain for 10 min.

Step 2:
Beat eggs with 2 tbsps water. Deep tomatoes in egg, next dust in flour and then corn flour.

Step 3:
Fry on hot oil on high heat until nicely coloured and crunchy on the outside. Drain on kitchen paper and serve with basil pesto and leaves.