Chania is a vibrant destination on the island of Crete, especially when it comes to food. You’ll find a multitude of incredible dining options in the city that offer both traditional and modern flavors to delight your taste buds. Crete has a rich history of being conquered by various cultures including the Venetians, Egyptians, and Ottomans, and was also a hub for merchants from Jewish, Arab, and European backgrounds. As a result, the local cuisine has been heavily influenced by this diverse blend of cultures.


If you’re looking for a great place to start your culinary journey in western Crete, we recommend checking out our guide to Chania’s seven best restaurants. This guide will point you in the right direction to discover some of the most delicious and unique dishes in the area. Whether you’re a foodie or simply looking for some great eats, Chania has something to offer for everyone.

Thalasino Ageri

This restaurant is perfectly situated by the water’s edge, offering a delightful sea view to accompany your seafood and wine. The daily menu offers a variety of fresh and flavourful dishes, including their signature “kakavia” fish soup made with fresh fish and vegetables (which you must order in advance due to a lengthy preparation process), cuttlefish with fennel and crispy green olives, perfectly grilled octopus, and grilled cuttlefish. Don’t miss out on their classic lobster pasta.
Address: Vivilaki 35, Tabakaria, 731 33 Phone: +30 2821 051136 Website:

The Five Restaurant

This modern restaurant boasts lovely sea views that are ideally enjoyed at sunset. Its beautiful interior decor sets the scene for a memorable dining experience. You’ll be pleased to find that the food is both delicious and affordable, making it a great choice for a special night out. The staff is experienced and friendly, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. One of the highlights of the restaurant is its flavour combinations. Try the Fisherman’s pasta, mushroom risotto, pulled pork sliders, and strawberry dessert, as they are all delicious. For a taste of the local cuisine, the “soutzoukakia” (meatballs in a spicy red sauce) is a must-try.
Address: Akti Papanikoli 15 731 36 Phone: 302821086596  Website:


If you’re a fan of mouth-watering souvlaki, look no further than this local gem. As its name suggests, it’s a haven for those seeking the ultimate souvlaki experience. Their menu exclusively features gyro, which is dry-roasted to perfection before being stuffed into non-oily pita bread. Each gyro is topped with a delicious combination of fresh tomato, onion, chopped parsley, and a dollop of thick Greek yogurt.

This place is in high demand, with the gyro selling out quickly each day; by 2:30 pm, you’ll have to wait until the next day to indulge in the tasty meal. If you’re looking for a quick and satisfying lunch or a snack on the go, this souvlaki spot is a must-visit.

Address: Voloudakidon 4, Down Town, 731 34

Kritamon Wine Restaurant

This restaurant offers an exceptional selection of wine to pair with their delicious and locally-sourced menu items, catering to both meat lovers and vegans alike. The pleasant and cozy ambiance of the establishment can be enjoyed at outdoor tables on the street or in the garden.

The restaurant’s knowledgeable sommelier is eager to assist with wine pairing selections, complementing the restaurant’s traditional and contemporary Greek cuisine. The Greek classic, “Moussaka,” is a must-try dish here, as is their mouth-watering roasted lamb with potatoes. Pasta lovers will delight in their variety of rich and creamy pasta dishes, such as handmade ravioli stuffed with lobster meat. Traditional Cretan pies like “sfakiani pita” and “kaltsounia” are also highly recommended.
Address: Kondilaki 38, Old Town, 731 31 Phone: +306979823118 Website:

Ginger Concept

This restaurant offers a lively Brazilian atmosphere with a fusion of Mediterranean cuisine. Open all day, it serves breakfast options such as Reuben (with veal slices on bread) or smoked salmon and avocado toast, Greek yogurt, Florentine poached eggs or an acai bowl. For lunch or dinner, enjoy dishes like Brazilian Coxinhas, fresh mussels Meniere, artichoke-lemon pizza or spicy tuna ravioli. In the evening, come for cocktails or fine wine and indulge in a range of tapas with a fun soundtrack.
Address: Sarpaki 36, Old Town, 731 32 Phone: +30 2821 057590 Website:


This all-day restaurant situated in the Venetian harbour boasts of serving the freshest, highest quality and most seasonal raw materials supplied by local farmers. The menu offers a range of interesting recipes, including the unique tuna belly with pickled watermelon rind, and the creative Cacio e Pepe spaghetti with miso, dehydrated mushrooms and buckwheat. In addition, they serve delectable breakfasts and brunches featuring Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and a selection of freshly-baked, buttery pastries.
Address: Akti Enoseos 3, Old Town, 731 32 Phone: +30 28210 43700 Website:


The restaurant’s building has a rich history dating back to the 1400s when it was constructed by the Venetians as a public bath. Later, when the Turks invaded Chania in 1645, they made some architectural changes and continued to use it as a ‘Hamam’ or steam bath.

The restaurant’s menu is designed to satisfy all kinds of palates, with options ranging from rabbit cooked in sweet wine with rosemary to basmati rice seasoned with dried fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of expertly prepared seafood dishes. The wine list is also noteworthy, with a focus on Greek wines and many bottles sourced from Crete. For a perfect pairing, don’t hesitate to ask your waiter for their wine recommendations to accompany your meal.

Address: Zampeliou 51, Old Harbour, 731 00 Phone: +30 2821 096080 Website:

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