Athens’ squares have their own charm. Some of them are vibrant and famous, others are alternative and up-and-coming, but each seems to tell its own story under the Athenian blue sky. As we all still prefer the outdoors, we’ve chosen five of them, located in the city’s navel area, offering a variety of dining and drinking options.


Agiou Georgiou square

This beautiful square has something of the unconventional, sophisticated aura of Kypseli, which attracts both Athenians and many hip foreign visitors who stay in the area’s airbnbs. The storefronts at “Mary’s Delicacies” are full (and empty in no time) with delicious stews much loved by representatives of the Greek arts scene, “Kyveli” serves sophisticated mezedes (an assortment of small bites) and also hearty main dishes, “Buffalo” serves mouth-watering burgers, fries, salads, sandwiches and corndogs, while “It’s a Village” offers nice drinks and well-made cocktails.

Mary’s Delicacies, 2-4, Hydras Str., Kypseli, +30 210 8229239,

Kyveli, 15, Eptanissou Str., Kypseli, +30 210 8219406,

Buffalo, 13, Eptanissou Str., Kypseli, +30 210 8238082,

It’s a village, 9, Ithakis Str., Kypseli, +30 210 8220222,

Avdi square

The coveted gentrification of Metaxourgeio may not have been achieved, but this spacious and always cool square attracts all those who are fascinated by its unique character. The new-style canteen “Galiandra” is the most recent entry, located next to the popular “Blue Parrot” bar, while there are many more great places around, such as the delicious “Seychelles” and “Egg of the Rooster”, which serves amazing stews both on the square and in its new open-air space.

Galiandra, 4, Giatrakou Str., Metaxourgeio, +30 699 7172784,

Blue Parrot, 31, Leonidou Str., Metaxourgeio, +30 211 0121099,

Seychelles, 49, Keramikou Str., Metaxourgeio, +30 211 1834789,

Egg of the Rooster, 46, Leonidou & Myllerou, Metaxourgeio, +30 217 7050103,

Agion Theodoron square

This is our new “little gem”, a previously low-profile square in the heart of the city, which we now know by name. The spacious and welcoming “Dopios” is the latest arrival specializing in subversive delicacies with the signature of chef Christoforos Peskias, while just across the street you will find the ever popular and elegant “Odori” serving excellent cocktails. A little further down Skouleniou Street, “Madame Phu Man Chu” invites you to Vietnamese gastronomic paths.

Dopios, 1, Skouleniou Str., Athens, +30 210 3310049,

Odori, 2, Skouleniou Str., Athens, +30 210 3314674,

Madame Phu Man Chu, 4, Praxitelous & Skouleniou Str., Athens, +30 210 3231366,

Proskopon square

All the squares in Pagrati have their charms, but this one –just a stone’s throw from the busy Vassileos Konstantinou Avenue- is among the most popular. “Magemenos Avlos” is among the most beloved restaurants in Athens, a bohemian eatery that has been serving delicious food since 1961. For nice drinks and cocktails go to the retro chic bar “Aerostato”. For authentic Cretan flavours visit “Katsourbo” or go to “Frater & Soror” for comfort gastronomy and sophisticated cocktails.

Magemenos Avlos, 4, Amynta Str., Pagrati, +30 210 7223195,

Aerostato, 4, Ptolemeon Str., Pagrati, +30 210 7241116,

Katsourbo, 2, Amynta Str., Pagrati, +30 210 7222167,

Frater & Soror, 6, Amynta Str., Pagrati, +30 210 7213720,

Agias Eirinis square

Always satisfying all moods, the distinct allure of this square drew us back to where the heart of the city of Athens beats. “Tailor’s House” and “Throubi” occupy a central position in the square and serve all day. In addition, the choices around the square are plentiful and range from the elaborate Thai flavours of “PatPong” to the fresh menu of “Omnivore”, the delicious burgers of “Pax” and many more.

Tailor’s House, Agias Eirinis square, Athens, +30 210 3235388,

Throubi, Agias Eirinis square, Athens, +30 211 4184362,

PatPong, 11, Athinaidos Str., Athens, +30 210 3315381,

Omnivore, 10, Agias Eirinis square, Athens, +30 210 3221865,

Pax Burgers, 34, Aeolou Str., Athens, +30 210 3238151,