Athens’ northern and southern suburbs may be separated by a distance of many kilometres but both areas are regarded as parts of the capital offering quality life as well as direct contact with nature – the greenery of the wider Athens area’s mountains in the north and the seaside of the Saronic Gulf in the south. As a result, demand for property in suburbs making up these areas remains consistently high.


Agia Paraskevi is among the most popular districts of the northern suburbs. Conveniently distanced from the centre of Athens, this suburb, renowned for its serenity and many spots of greenery, also offers all the comforts and joys one may want in modern city living. Agia Paraskevi is the key commercial and entertainment hub in the northeastern section of the city’s north and is also serviced by the nearby Agia Paraskevi metro station as well as a number of bus lines.

Voula, on the other hand, distinguished by a relaxed everyday pace, is ideal for anybody desiring a quieter life by the sea. The district was founded in 1920 as a holiday resort before gradually attracting permanent residents and experiencing rapid population growth from the 1980s onwards. It is not a detached suburb, instead offering all needs within a short distance. A tram line running all the way to Syntagma Square offers a direct link to the city centre.

doValue, through the real estate platform, is offering 2 apartments in Agia Paraskevi, measuring 73 m2 and 151 m2, and one apartment in Voula, measuring 92 m2. All three properties represent investment opportunities for homebuyers wanting to live in two of the finest areas of Athens’ northern and southern suburbs.

73 m2 apartment in Agia Paraskevi*

This 72.53-m2 apartment is on the 2nd floor of a three-storey apartment block with an open ground-level space and a basement. Built in 2006, it is located in a part of Agia Paraskevi known as Gilperthi Tsakos. It consists of 1 bedroom, a combined living room-kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 office space, and also offers an enclosed veranda space measuring 60.23 m2. In addition, the property offers a private parking space, measuring 10.12 mw2, on the block of land.

Property details

Address: 78 Kykladon & Kriezotou, Agia Paraskevi

Bidding starts at €176,000

151 m2 apartment in Agia Paraskevi*

This 150.66-m2 apartment, built in 2004, is situated on the 2nd floor of a four-storey apartment block with an open ground-level area. It is located in Agia Paraskevi’s Kontopefko area and is comprised of 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, entrance hall, 1 bathroom, and an office space, while enclosed veranda space totaling 42.61 m2 has been integrated into the apartment. The apartment has a private sheltered parking space measuring 13.75 m2 at the open ground-level area. The Halandri metro station is located 500 metres away.

Property details

Address: 5 Parou, Agia Paraskevi

Bidding starts at €361,000

92 m2 apartment in Voula*

This 92.44-m2 apartment is on the 1st floor of an apartment block built in 2005, a short distance from Vouliagmenis Ave and Voula’s municipal sports ground. It offers 2 bedrooms, a combined living room-kitchen-dining space, 1 bathroom and a W.C. The property also offers two balconies offering different views as well as an enclosed veranda space measuring 25.12 m2. It also offers a basement storage space measuring 10.79 m2 and a closed 10.93-m2 parking space.

Property details

Address: 18 Stratarhou Alexandrou Papagou, Voula

Bidding starts at €239.000

*Property being sold through mandatory public auction procedure. Uploaded to the related platform,