Those who view Athens as a drab and dreary city may find it hard to believe that just an hour and a half from the capital, a romantic and picturesque destination awaits them.


We are talking about Trikala, one of the most popular destinations in Corinthia all year round; although as a mountainous area it is very popular in winter. Just 144 km from Athens, Trikala consists of three beautiful districts: Ano (upper), Mesaia (middle) and Kato (lower) Trikala.

Each district has its own character, but the main features throughout the area are stone, wood, nature and views. Mesaia and Ano Trikala are livelier, full of shops with traditional products, numerous dining options and wonderful accommodation. Especially when it comes to accommodation, the region is famous for the beauty and quality of its chalets, guesthouses and hotels. Therefore it was difficult to single out just a few of the many excellent choices. Let’s look at some accommodation options to suit all tastes and pockets.

Grand Chalet

Grand Chalet Villas is a luxurious complex of modern wooden Finnish chalets. All feature branded anatomical mattresses and pillows for a relaxing stay. There is a fully equipped kitchen where guests can prepare and enjoy breakfast, while the bar boasts a quality, up-to-date wine list. The accommodation itself is stunning, not to mention its excellent location, surrounded by pristine nature and breath-taking vistas. Along with a cosy atmosphere, Grand Chalet offers guests plenty of options to spend quality time, from DVDs to board games; making it an ideal choice for large groups and families. Ano Trikala, +30 693 7333993,


Hyades Mountain Resort consists of seven magnificent Finnish chalets. It is located in Kato Trikala, surrounded by greenery, close to Ziria Ski Centre. Fully equipped and detached, all seven chalets are made of wood. In addition, Hyades Mountain resort boasts a lending library, board games, ping pong tables, a children’s playground, basketball, football, volleyball and tennis courts, as well as bicycles and skis, all available to guests. Ultimately, there is a large garden with 3000 different herbs from all over Greece. Kato Trikala, +30 694 8949763, +30 694 7810442,

Pliadon Gi

Pliadon Gi Mountain Resort and Spa is an exceptional five-star accommodation made of stone and wood, ideal for winter getaways but not only, consisting of 20 detached luxury suites. Named after the Pleiades, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione, who were born on Mount Ziria, the resort boasts one of the most luxurious and modern mountain spas in Greece. The spa features a swimming pool, a hammam, a hot tub and a fitness centre with workout programmes, and offers treatments with branded wellness and relaxation products. Kato Trikala, +30 693 2405464, +30 697 3025000,

Petrino Chalet

A guesthouse of traditional aesthetics with large terraces and stunning views, especially in winter, when heavy snow covers everything, creating a landscape you will hardly ever forget. Centrally located, but still surrounded by lush nature, it is the ideal place to enjoy relaxing moments by the fireplace. All rooms are large and cosy. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking, skiing and other activities. Kato Trikala, +30 697 0671620,


Nestled between Kato and Mesaia Trikala, lies a guesthouse of exceptional aesthetics, Diochri. Its special name comes from the names of the owners’ two children, namely Dionysis and Christina. Featuring magnificent views that stretch as far as the eye can see, Diochri successfully combines traditional architecture with modern décor. The rooms and suites are very spacious. Yet, for a truly unique stay, choose the 65sqm executive suite, which has a fireplace and a large Jacuzzi. Trikala, Corinthia, +30 27430 91052, +30 694 2018458,

Pera Alonia

Pera Alonia, another stone-built traditional guesthouse, consists of three detached buildings. The rooms are spacious and range from 38 to 50 square metres, while there is also a suite that can accommodate up to four people. Combining luxury with more traditional elements, the guesthouse boasts large –ideal for relaxation- 20sqm terraces that offer gorgeous panoramic views. The outdoor spaces are also very beautiful, especially the gardens. Kato Trikala, +30 2743300577, +30 694 4526188,

San Paramythi

San Paramythi features five fairytale-like detached stone-built guesthouses that can accommodate from two to four people; choose among the Fairy House, Dream Fairy, Earth Fairy, Rain Fairy or the recently added Forest Fairy. The environment is dreamy, but that does not exclude luxury. On the plus side, the fantastic view from above. Mesaia Trikala, +30 697 8730575,


Surrounded by nature, Paliokastro is an all-stone guesthouse in full harmony with its environs and the traditional architecture. The outdoor spaces are gorgeous, decorated with heavy, elegant furniture – an ideal retreat for a breath of fresh air when the weather is nice. The interior is luxurious, with rooms featuring amenities such as a Jacuzzi, plus the owners are very welcoming and friendly. Kato Trikala, +30 27430 71323, +30 694 5330603,

Pigi Tarlamba

Immersed in pine trees, this stone-built accommodation offers charming suites overlooking the Corinthian Gulf and Mount Ziria. Pigi Tarlamba is traditionally decorated, featuring nice and cosy suites with a fireplace. Guests can also enjoy a hearty breakfast. On the plus side, there is a horse-riding centre nearby, while Ziria Ski Centre is just 6 km away. Ano Trikala, +30 27430 91267, +30 694 4169571,

Colours Chalet

A wooden chalet that offers a different approach to accommodation, focusing on health and ecology. Overlooking Ziria and the villages of Manna, Stylia and Panariti, Colours Chalet features fully equipped rooms, each with its own colour palette, which guarantee full relaxation during your stay, thanks to the anatomical mattresses and pillows. Each colour has different properties and can provide benefits for the body, mind and heart. Choose the one that suits your needs and you will soon feel rejuvenated. Mesaia Trikala, +30 27430 91203, +30 695 7217270,