For many, Greece epitomises summer holidays, bringing to mind blue Aegean vistas and Cycladic allure: Mykonos’ cosmopolitan pull, the stunning sunsets of Santorini, and Paros’ expansive sandy beaches.


As of this June, MINOAN LINES’Santorini Palace” elevates your holiday travel experience. This modern, high-speed catamaran offers an exceptional level of comfort and luxury for those on the journey to discover the Cyclades’ most celebrated islands.

With the “Santorini Palace“, MINOAN LINES truly encapsulates the moto – ‘the journey begins the moment you concieve it.’ It reinforces its ongoing commitment to travellers, delivering an enhanced travel experience marked by quality, comfort, luxury, and speed for over five decades, solidifying its position as one of Greece’s foremost ferry companies.

5+1 MINOAN destinations in the Cyclades

Once again this summer, the luxurious “Santorini Palace” from MINOAN LINES navigates to the Cyclades’ most popular islands, departing from the ports of Piraeus and Heraklion, Crete. With daily connections to and from Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, and weekly trips to Syros and Naxos, and some less regularly to Tinos. You can keep yourself informed about the exact schedule of the routes and exclusive offers at This is also where you can conveniently book your tickets online; alternatively, you can purchase them from the central and port offices of MINOAN LINES or from your travel agent.

Mykonos, undoubtedly, needs no introduction. Famous as the vibrant hub of the Aegean, it originated from humble beginnings but has quickly risen to prominence as a top-tier global destination. Its windmills, harbour, and celebrated beaches have garnered worldwide acclaim. However, despite its ongoing evolution, Mykonos has managed to preserve its unique charm. It continues to resonate with echoes of a past era, providing a subtler aspect.

Santorini, one of the Cyclades islands, asserts its standing alongside Mykonos as a global must-visit destination. Its stunning panoramas serve as a vibrant testament to the southern Aegean’s kaleidoscopic charm. This reputation resonates globally, securing its continual prominence among the world’s favourite summer destinations. Santorini’s sunsets, featured on innumerable postcards and now making waves on Instagram, have achieved legendary status. The distinct charm of its villages and the characteristic features of the island’s volcano and caldera add layers to its unique landscape, perpetually evoking wonder and admiration. However, Santorini’s allure doesn’t stop at its natural beauty. It is home to some internationally acclaim vineyards, which produces excellent quality wines that are not to be missed.

Paros is currently the third fastest growing island in the Cyclades, attracting a deluge of tourists every summer. Some predict that it might rival Santorini in a few years. In spite of this, it has managed to maintain its distinctive charm, believed to offer something for every visitor: lively nightlife, breathtaking beaches with a golden appeal, and mountain villages inland, each with a distinct identity.

A similar story applies to Naxos, which, due to its size, offers a dual persona. It merges wide sandy beaches with green, fertile landscapes, and villages perched on Mount Zas – the tallest peak in the Cyclades.

In contrast, Syros has always been regarded as a standout amongst the Cyclades, with a distinct profile compared to the other islands. The impressive mansions of Ermoupoli, the sizeable churches and stunning public buildings hint at its prosperous urban past – a past that remains vibrantly alive, providing a truly unique experience for first-time visitors.

Tinos, traditionally associated with religious festivities in mid-August, is quickly earning its stripes as a standalone destination, with many regarding it as the ‘silent power’ of the Cyclades. Every year, it welcomes an increasing number of tourists, attracted by its exceptional beaches and the unique villages of its hinterland, where ancient Aegean traditions are still in full bloom.

A Look at the “Santorini Palace”

At 85 metres in length and 21.2 metres wide, the ‘Santorini Palace‘ can reach speeds of up to 38 knots and carry 1,160 passengers and 117 private vehicles. Seen as one of the most luxurious passenger-car ferries in its class across Europe, it is equipped with the latest safety and navigation systems, while the onboard facilities offer services of the highest quality.

Get to know our high-speed Catamaran ‘Santorini Palace’ via the MINOAN LINES website. Pay a visit to the link and enjoy an online a visual tour and exploration of the vessel.

Embarking on a Journey with “Santorini Palace”

Your journey with the “Santorini Palace” is marked by three key elements: comfort, speed, and luxury. The professional crew of MINOAN LINES awaits your arrival, ready to deliver top-quality services, enhancing your voyage to the enchanting Cyclades.

Santorini Palace” offers two tiers of spacious aircraft-style seating (both economy and premium) or perhaps you would opt for the opulent VIP lounge with its 104 ergonomic seats, strategically arranged around large tables beneath an impressive glass dome. Here, you can enjoy the vibrant summer sky as you sail towards your destination. Ensure you reserve your tickets in advance at MINOAN LINES’ central agencies or port offices, through your travel agent, or at, where you can learn about exclusive offers and schedules to the Cyclades. MINOAN LINES has daily departures from the ports of Piraeus and Heraklion in Crete, heading for Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini. And there are weekly trips to Syros and Naxos, and some less frequently to Tinos.

Your journey on the “Santorini Palace” is further refined by the keen attention MINOAN LINES has dedicated to detail, aiming to enhance your stay on the ship. You’ll find a boutique stocking travel essentials and accessories, alongside five contemporary snack bars.

Additionally, you have the freedom to select your preferred breakfast, paired with your favourite coffee and croissants of your choosing, or perhaps you would prefer yoghurt and fresh fruit instead. For lunch, light meals are available, featuring tasty wraps and healthy salads, and a separate vegetarian menu is also provided. Your journey can be perfectly rounded off with an on-board cocktail, should you wish to admire the Aegean’s blue shades with a refreshing drink by your side.

Haven’t finalised your next trip with MINOAN LINES to your favourite Cycladic island yet? Plan now, stay updated, and remember, with MINOAN LINES, the journey begins the moment you conceive it….