This winter, a thought crosses the mind of many of us: how and when to plan our next trip, be it abroad or within the country. A trip that for many is the first in two years, after a global pandemic and continuous lockdowns. Two years that air travel, that we all love, seemed suddenly something hard and distant.


And maybe it’s exactly this lack that has made us realise how much we need air travel and how much more beautiful it makes our lives. In this new era, we’re going to pursue it more than any other time. Because we now know what if feels like to miss it.

Making a list of the places I’d like to visit in the next period, I realise it’s a very long list. So, before I organise my next trip, I think I need to get more information on a reward program for people who love travelling. A necessary and extremely useful tool for everyone who wants to travel by plane regularly, enjoying special comforts.

After doing some research on Alpha Bank’s website, I discovered that the program I’m looking for exists and can help me get to new places I haven’t yet explored, as well as to places I love and want to visit again.

How do we make each trip more exciting? By booking our tickets with one of the Aegean Bonus Visa cards we enjoy both travel and banking privileges:

With the Aegean Bonus Visa Debit card, you get free travel insurance for any ticket you buy using the card, as well as the Alpha Alerts service free of charge. While with the Aegean Bonus Visa, in addition to the above, you also get coupons for extra luggage (up to 23kg) and the Fast-Track service for free. At the same time, the card also offers the Alpha Alerts service, as well as interest-free instalments for transactions at AEGEAN and abroad.

All this combines with the privileges of the Alpha Bank Bonus reward program, as well as with the AEGEAN and Olympic Air Miles+Bonus reward program, while Bonus points can be converted into Miles+Bonus award miles, saving you money off your next ticket.

I continue my search, looking for an even more privileges that combine all of the above and a lot more. The Aegean Bonus Visa Premium card gives you the above privilege package and, in addition, you get a free ticket for a companion travelling with you, free coupons for Upfront seat, a discount coupon for one flight, use of the service VISA Luxury Hotel, as well as offers through Visa’s international partnerships.

An additional bonus, especially during these times when free time is scarce, is the fact that you don’t need to visit an Alpha Bank branch in order to apply for the card of your choice. You’ll find all the necessary information on the available cards and the rewards they offer, as well as detailed instructions on how to apply for one online, in just a few minutes, on Alpha Bank’s website. The necessary paperwork is minimal – something that makes the whole process simpler.

Because for Aegean and Alpha Bank, it’s not just the destination that matters, it’s also the journey, as well as you precious time.