The Babymoon, a period that typically follows the honeymoon, is an essential time for couples awaiting the arrival of their precious newborn. It provides an opportunity for parents-to-be to prioritize self-care, relaxation, and each other, as they prepare for the inevitable joys and challenges of parenthood. In modern times, pregnant women are not hesitant to travel and make informed decisions based on their physical condition and months of pregnancy.


As a result, more and more couples are seeking destinations and accommodations that provide natural surroundings, safety, comfort, and romance, as they embark on a babymoon. Greece is among the most popular destinations for couples searching for babymoon experiences.

According to Google, Greece is one of the most popular choices for couples searching for a babymoon destination, with a plethora of spectacular locations to choose from. In terms of safety, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises that the second trimester, between 18-24 weeks, is the wisest time to travel. It is always recommended that couples consult with their doctor before planning a trip, of course.

Experts agree that the sun is important for the well-being of pregnant women, as it stimulates the production of ‘happiness’ hormones like serotonin. In a survey by, Greece is shown to be a leading destination for babymoons. Despite Santorini being known for weddings and honeymoons, it is also recommended for babymoon vacations by foreign tour operators and media outlets, along with Milos, making it among the top 20 best babymoon destinations in Europe.

Greece is a highly coveted destination for Babymoon, as evidenced by its ranking as the 13th top destination in the world for Babymoon and the best country for Beach Babymoon in Europe in 2023 on the popular Dutch site Salt in our Hair by Hannah & Nick. The site’s description lauds the sparkling blue Aegean Sea, white-domed houses and churches, endless blue doors, and pink bougainvillea flowers of Greece as the perfect backdrop for a Babymoon.

A week or two in a seaside house or hotel on the Greek islands, such as Santorini and Milos, in late spring or early autumn when it’s cooler and more peaceful, is ideal for the well-being and psychology of parents-to-be. In addition to Greece, other European destinations recommended for Babymoon include regions in Italy, such as Umbria, small towns in France, especially in the French Riviera, Porto and Lisbon in Portugal, and the city of Bath in England.

Most of the preferred accommodations are five-star, organized resorts with specially designed spas for couples and pregnant women, customized meals, and even photo shoots to capture the special moments of the budding families. It is generally recommended that pregnant women avoid long journeys by plane or boat. As a result, European destinations tend to be more appealing to couples based within Europe.

On the other hand, couples from the United States and other distant locations are taking the planning of their dream babymoon very seriously. This trend has been on the rise in recent years, with hotel chains such as Four Seasons, travel agencies, and new parent magazines incorporating specific destinations for the alternative honeymoon into their travel proposals.

For instance, Four Seasons suggests destinations where its hotels have Babymoon-specific accommodations, including Florence, Maui, areas in the South of France, Hampshire and Scottdale in England, and Denver in the US. These accommodations typically offer comfortable spaces, luxurious suites, organic surroundings, choice amenities such as heated swimming pools, and excellent treatments in spas and wellness centers.

In the United States, which seems to be leading the way for Babymoon, travel agencies are offering packages at hotels such as the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona; the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Florida; the Half Moon – Montego Bay in Jamaica; the Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort, Kauai, Hawaii; and the Punta Placer -Oaxaca in Mexico. Once again, these are large, organized resorts set in stunning natural settings that are able to offer everything a couple could want for a magical Babymoon.

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