Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said in a statement that the PLF requirement for visitors to Greece is being abolished.


The statement of the Minister of Tourism reads as follows:

“Following the recommendation of the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Health, the completion of the Passenger Identification Card (PID) by visitors from all countries for entry into Greece will be abolished as of 15 March 2022. The abolition of the PLF simplifies the entry process for travellers, shifting the emphasis to checking vaccination certificates.

In addition, the adoption of the new health protocols for tourism businesses puts Greece in a competitive position. For another year, we are ready to welcome our visitors safely.”

The Commission also recommended increasing the capacity of tourist buses from 85% to 100% from Saturday 5 March, with other protection measures – natural ventilation, use of masks – remaining in force.

It is noted that in the new special health protocol for the operation of tourist facilities, cooperation with a doctor or health structure, acting on the basis of the EODY’s instructions for the control of COVID-19, remains mandatory for accommodation facilities of more than 50 rooms, while, among other things, it is provided that:

-The provision of disposable gloves to staff working in the cleaning department and kitchen workers

-The abolition of the use of disposable gloves for tourists while at the buffet. The use of disinfectant liquid remains mandatory

-The abolition of disposable tablecloths

-The abolition of cleaning surfaces with a steam device with a temperature of more than 70°C. This will only be done as decontamination after a confirmed outbreak within the premises

The new specific health protocol for the operation of tourist facilities will enter into force after the publication of the relevant CPR in the Government Gazette.

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