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    Your Guide to Skiathos

    Little mentioned in history or mythology, Skiathos has relied on its great natural beauty to attract visitors. Small as it may be at just 12 kilometres long and 6 kilometres wide, its coastline nonetheless includes over 60 beaches, many of them, like Koukounaries and Lalaria, considered among the best in the northwest Aegean. Busy with holidaymakers, Skiathos sits close to the mainland and offers the classic and carefree Greek Island combination of sun, sand and surf. A land of two extremes, its northern part is rugged and mountainous with steep cliffs plunging into the sea, while the south is made up of small picturesque resorts built around sandy shores.


    Skiathos Town has a pretty harbour that is guarded by the Bourtzi, a Venetian fortress-islet, and a buzzy nightlife, including a stylish line-up of restaurants, bars and clubs. It may look quaint and old fashioned, with its whitewashed alleys and terracotta rooves but the capital is as contemporary as the Sporades gets, with revellers spilling out onto the traffic-free streets and packing open-air venues that rock out into the small hours. Most popular of all is Papadiamantis street, named after Greece’s “patron saint of modern Greek literature” Alexandros Papadiamantis, who hails from the island.

    Inland, the air is fragrant with the scent of pine forests, sweet citrus orchards and silver-leafed olive groves, and the lush countryside, with steep slate-topped houses with wooden balconies, is reminiscent of the Pelion Peninsula just across the water. Walking tours on the island offer an excellent way to experience its nature on land, while for aquatic adventures beyond swimming visitors can hop onto a boat to explore Skiathos’ beautiful sea caves, Fonissa, Pounta and Altanous.

    Popular among a young north European crowd as well as with Greeks, Skiathos is a sparling gem of the Aegean, that can be described as distinctive and spirited, youthful and exuberant. It comes as no surprise that Skiathos has earned a loyal following with many return visitors who come to delight in laid back days and lively nights, with wonderful beach experiences in between.

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