Guest houses and hotels in the central Peloponnese’s mountainous Arcadia region surprise with their level of comfort and elegance, representing ideal examples of fine design and successful renovation.


The majority of these accommodation units are small but have been preserved with their legacies intact.

Emphasis is placed on high-quality services, offered with wholehearted authenticity, while, in the cases of new buildings, these have been designed based on principles of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

The hotels and guest houses of Arcadia are well equipped to cover the needs of visitors. We have chosen some of these, presented below.

Chalet Elati

Chalet Elati, offering a gorgeous view, is situated on the slopes of Mount Mainalo, just beyond the tiny village Elati and within a forest of fir trees.

It has 20 rooms, including double rooms, chalets and suites. The décor draws from tradition, while the quality of services, offered with warm-hearted cordiality, are a comparative advantage.

Elati forest, tel: +30 27950-22900,

Archontiko Anyfanti

Serving as an ideal base to discover the beauty of mountainous Arcadia, Archontiko Anyfanti is located at the historic village Zatouna, at 1,050 metres, very close to Dimitsana. It features castle-like window openings, wooden balconies and ceilings, stone elements, as well as many other aspects typifying the architectural style of mountainous Arcadia.

Zatouna, tel: +30 27950-29202,

Trikolonion Country

Located in the heart of Stemnitsa, this facility features wood and stone elements, old engravings as well as original lithographs by renowned artists such as Tsarouchis, Fasianos, Mytaras, Moralis, Galtemis and Pantelias. Trikolonion Country offers 14 rooms and 4 suites, made special by their simple and hospitable atmosphere.

Stemnitsa, tel: +30 27950-29500,


A traditional stone building in Stemnitsa, Belleiko is named after its owner. This guesthouse, which has become synonymous with quality hospitality in mountainous Arcadia, occupies two levels, the lower level, which was originally used to keep the property’s livestock, and the upper level, which served as the house. The two levels have taken on new roles for the building’s guesthouse transformation but, even so, continue to maintain a link with the property’s past.

Stemnitsa, tel. +30 27950-81286,

Papanikolas guesthouse

At the heart of mountainous Arcadia, in the village Piana, the stone guesthouse Papanikola features rooms of rustic charm and traditional architecture, the latter based on comfortable furniture, elegant verandas, and, generally, the combination of wood and stone elements. The unit offers a view of the Falanthos plain, Mount Mainalo, and the charming village’s small number of houses.

Piana, tel: +30 2710-431170,

Methexis Boutique Hotel

The stone-built Methexis Boutique Hotel in Dimitsana, ideally combining comfort, luxury, amenities and services, offers views of the village as well as the impressive Lousios Gorge. The hotel spaces create a sense of warmth and serenity, while carefully selected furniture and decorative items highlight the concept of true hospitality.

Dimitsana, tel: +30 27950-31317,

Elafos Spa Hotel

Located at the heart of the traditional village Elliniko, the hotel, built using stone and wood, reflects the area’s traditional architectural style. It has a spa, which is sure to make your stay a relaxing experience. Guests here are treated to local products. The hotel, comfortable and hospitable, is an ideal launch pad for treks along trails by the Lousios river, as well as for visits to ancient Gortyna and the region’s monasteries.

Elliniko, tel: +30 27910-31600,

Arhontiko Tis Zois

Arhontiko Tis Zois is housed at an old mansion, now a century old, that has been transformed into a hospitable and cosy guesthouse. It is situated at Stemnitsa, in a quiet section of the village. The spot’s owners devote plenty of time and interest into making the guesthouse an ideal accommodation choice. It is a terrific base for exploring the villages of mountainous Arcadia. Stone and wood elements, elegant furniture and stylish décor contribute significantly to the satisfaction felt by guests.

Stemnitsa, tel: +30 6977029314

Hotel Pelasgos

In Karytaina, very close to the Lousios river, Hotel Pelasgos is located amid a lush setting. It offers comfortable, spacious rooms with carefully designed décor and a lovely view of the surrounding mountains. The hotel also runs a restaurant serving traditional Greek cuisine, as well as a café.

Karytaina, tel: +30 27910-31490,

Menalia Villas & Suites

Located slightly beyond Levidi, this spot is renowned for both the quality of its services and facilities. It is comprised of six separate stone houses that offer a total of 17 guesthouse units, all finely built and stylish, ensuring luxury stays. A fairytale-like setting of serenity and relaxation prevails here.

Levidi, tel: +30 27960-29029,

Nymfasia, The Arcadian Resort

A five-star hotel by the Nymfasia village entrance, its construction features wood and stone elements. It offers stylish rooms and suites as well as well-kept communal spaces, all of which create ideal conditions for a great stay. The building is bioclimatic, utilising solar and other energy sources. The hotel also features an outdoor swimming pool.

Nymfasia, tel: +30 27950-22330,

Mylaon Boutique Hotel & Spa

Built on a hill, slightly beyond Vytina, Mylaon Boutique Hotel & Spa finely balances tradition and modern style. It offers luxury rooms and comfortable spaces. The suites offer fireplaces and all modern amenities. The hotel is also equipped with a spa and indoor pool.

Vytina, tel: +30 27950-22298,

Teloni guesthouse

The Teloni guesthouse, located on Vytina’s “Road of Love”, stands out courtesy of the beauty of its traditional architecture. The rooms have fireplaces, balconies with views of lush Mount Mainalo, and are adorned with particularly comfortable wooden furniture. The guesthouse offers an elegant living room with a fireplace, constantly lit in the winter.

Vytina, tel: +30 27950-22354,

Eu Zin guesthouse

The Eu Zin guesthouse has been built with respect for the region’s nature. Wood and stone dominate the construction. It is situated on fir-covered Mount Mainalos, within close proximity to Vytina, a vibrant village. The rooms, elegant and comfortable, are ideal for relaxed stays, enhanced by the quality services.

Vytina, tel: +30 27950-22130,

Amanites Guesthouse

Situated in Dimitsana, at the site of the old family home of the family running the guesthouse, Amanites offers authentic hospitality, its founding principle. The guesthouse has 7 double rooms that combine traditional and modern elements. The wider reception area is open all day for coffee and sweets, to be enjoyed by the fireplace.

Dimitsana, tel: +30 27950-31090,

Despotikon Antonopoulou

In the centre of Dimitsana, Despotikon Antonopoulou is housed at a traditional building offering a view of the lush slopes. The guesthouse has been fully renovated, offering lots of elegant and cosy spots. It consists of five rooms and a comfortable living-dining room, where breakfast is served. This space is open all day for coffee and other beverages.

Dimitsana, tel: +30 6986777761,

Koustenis Village

This complex, situated right next to Dimitsana, very close to the Hydrokinetic Museum, is comprised of six traditional style stone houses offering a total of 34 rooms for rent. The combination of wood and stone elements creates a warm atmosphere.

Dimitsana, tel: +30 27950-31445,

Kazakou guesthouse

The building housing Kazakou guesthouse typifies the region’s traditional architecture. It was built in 1851 by Spyros Kazakos, a local resident who ran a grocery store at the ground-level space of the house. Stone and wood are the dominant features, creating a particularly hospitable space.

Dimitsana, tel: + 30 27950-31660,

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