Limnos, located in the heart of the North Aegean, offers beaches, green hills and a particular landscape, their combination resulting in a unique overall setting. This island, Greece’s eighthlargest, is an ideal location for exploration and enjoyment of its bounty.


Hospitable, serene, possessing discreet natural beauty and a prominent past, as indicated by the archaeological sites, monuments and museums, this destination constitutes an enjoyable travel experience filled with visual and gustatorysatisfaction.

The traditional charm of the island’s villages has been maintained, tantalisingvisitors to explore. Eleven spots on the island, offering just as many different experiences, await their place in your memory.

Text and photos by Alexandros Labrovassilis

Aegean Organics

Visiting Limnos provides travellers with an opportunity to become acquainted with, and try,the organic herbs and fragrance oils produced by Aegean Organics. Possessing environmental expertise and appreciation, Dr. Nikos Paterakis, the venture’s head, produces, processes and standardises herbs growing on the island.

The volcanic subsoil and sea air emerge through the aromas of thyme, oregano and lavender. Visitors need to try and also buy before leaving the island. Aegean Organic products may be found at selected stores in Myrina, the capital, on the west coast.

Food Truck O Theios

A bohemian-style canteenresembling a New York food truck, O Theios, meaning uncle, uses local produce and ingredients for its food offerings. Combining western street-food influences with local products, ThanassisMandalos, backed by years of experience in hospitality, has turned his dream into a reality through this little venture. His entire food range is recommended. It includes burgers as well as handmade churros with salted caramel dip – the salt coming from the salt marsh – or Limnos honey. Accompany your choice with herbal Limnos tea or a cocktail made with local liqueurs. You can’t go wrong here.

Karagiozis Café Bar

A short distance from the Myrina castle, Karagiozis is a key attraction, and meeting point, for coffee, satisfying breakfast meals, leisurely chats and socialising right by the water. This spot is frequented by a steady flow of people throughout the day. At night, the music, laid-back lounge selections intensified whenever conditions are right, makes this spot an ideal nightlife option.

Ktima Ifaistos

Horse riding on Limnos, promising a unique island experience, is offered by Ktima Ifaistos, a horse riding centre at Plagisos Molos. Enjoy, along with family and friends, your introduction into the secrets of horse riding with the centre’s trained horses.


Lefkes, a superb gourmet canteen created by Apostolos Spyridis, is situated at Keros beach, Limnos’ surfer paradise. The food spot is surrounded by very tall poplars and offers superb musical selections for enhanced enjoyment of delicious sandwiches, breakfast cereals, as well as irresistible burgers and inspired in-season extras supplied by local producers.


If wishing to dine with a view of the Castle of Myrina, to the sound of superb music, the Mavrakis family’s Manos, at Manos Beach, offers authentic Asia Minor-rooted food quality and terrific music. Top musicians perform selections from Greece and abroad, to be enjoyed with the family’s food selections, including tomato salad with goat’s milk cheese and carob, homemade bread, as well as tsipouro, ouzo, olives and use of top-quality olive oil. 


Tsimandrion Square, hosting an annual panigyri (church-centered fiesta of traditional live music and food) every August 15, ishome to Meraklis, a grill and taverna run by the Kotsinadellis family. It has maintained a tradition covering many decades. If lucky, you may get to hear Thanassis Kotsinadellis, a widely travelled family member, sing and play his lyra (stringed instrument played with a bow). He, and the rest of the team, Noula, Marina, Giorgos, Betty and Nasos, offer what is possibly the most delicious skewered pork pancetta you will ever get to taste. 

Children’s Toys and Books Museum

A stroll around the old port of Myrina will lead you to the Permanent Exhibition on the History of Children’s Toys and Books, launched late in July and situated on Poseidonos St. This is a project spearheaded by archaeologist and writer Hristos Boulotis, who conceived the idea for the museum back in 1978. His collection will take older visitors back to childhood memories and also fascinate youngsters through the museum’s presentation of the evolution of toys. The museum tour, offered by the founder, himself, makes for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Red Rock Beach Bar

After visiting the archeological site of Poliochni, a left turn, off the dirt road, will get you to Kokkinovrahos and the Red Rock Beach Bar. The range of offerings here includes a superb setting, strolls at the beach – without sunbeds, for a change – burgers, cocktails and music. This oasis of a spot, open from the morning hours until very late, was created by proprietors Aggelos and Katerina, with their competent team, all giving it their best with style and positive vibes.


In Myrina’sAndroni district, Riza, an eatery co-run by Lukas Mailer and AkisBletsogiannis, places emphasis on quality ingredients for its dishes. The menu is altered daily, creatively utilising in-season produce that is available. Carefully selected fish, seafood and meat, handmade pasta, as well as local greens and herbs are used for special dishes to be enjoyed with a glass of wine from an exceptional list proposed by Riza.

To Sokaki

A deep affection felt by Kostas Kouroumalis for music permeates the ambience at ToSokaki, a bar situated at the Myrina market. It is a focal point for individuals appreciating quality distilled spirits, exquisite service and fine music. Premium label gins, rums and tequilas may be found here, along with an extensive cocktail list, often refreshed with new proposals worth trying. Approach Kostas for a chat. The proprietor is always keen to share with customers his love for music and cocktails, and how these are combined and presented.