A small island dominated by the magnificent cliffs that are straddled by the Chora, Folengandros is an island that looks outwards to the endless blue Aegean Sea. A natural wild beauty, it is easily walked on the network of paths that traverse the island. The waters around the island are clear and clean and ideal for exploring by boat, the wind and sea conditions will dictate the route but all around the island are beaches and coves to investigate.



Despite the small size of the island, there is a well preserved network of trails that criss-cross the landscape. With over 20 km of paths, it is the ideal way to cross the wild and dramatic countryside. Originally the paths would have carried shepherds and locals from one village to another and following them today can feel like little has changed.

Curated Life Retreats – Yoga

Get in touch with your inner-self and see an alternative side to the island. Daily yoga sessions and silent walks to secluded beaches are offered, alongside thai massage and reiki sessions. Zoja, an accomplished therapist, will help you to heal your mind and body by the sea and in the beautiful grounds of the Anemi hotel.

Island Spirit Cruises

Family owned, Island Spirit are your one-stop shop for all things boating. A selection of boats are available for private tours around Folegandros exploring hidden coves and swimming spots only accessible by sea. Local islands such as Milos, Ios and Sikinos are also visitable and transfers can be arranged to cut down on sea time; for example, the ferry from Paros can take 6 hours while the company RIB can do the journey in an hour. Boat rental is also offered with no licence needed; staff will show you all the features and how to navigate and then you are free to be captain and make your own itinerary. Island Spirit Cruises (Tel.:22860 41190, www.islandspirit.gr)

Sea U Diving

A fully certified diving centre, Sea U offers a variety of dives for all levels. From basic snorkelling and free diving through to full open water scuba dives in the emerald clear waters around Folegandros. The company can also arrange private transfers and tours in their own fleet of boats. Sea U Diving and Private Boat Tours. (Tel.: 22860 41624, www.sea-u.com)

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