The unassuming island of Folegandros, with its modest port village and untouched landscape, offers an authentic escape into the simple pleasures of Greek island life. Famed for its picturesque Chora, a dazzling white town built around the walls of a Venetian fortress, the island captivates Cycladic enthusiasts with its stunning beaches, coastal swimming spots, and proud local culinary traditions.


As you venture along its rugged terrain, indulge in the island’s gastronomic delights, from hillside havens serving classic Greek dishes to charming seaside eateries. Folegandros may not boast the fanfare of its neighbors, but its unspoiled beauty and intimate dining experiences hold their own irresistible charm.

Papalagi Folegandros: Hillside Haven

Perched above Agios Nikolaos beach, Papalagi Folegandros offers classic Greek dishes such as stuffed tomatoes, vine leaves, and fresh fish with traditional tsipouro.

Address: Agios Nikolaos, 840 11 Phone: +30 694 429 1988 Website:

Pounta: Garden Gastronomy

Sheltered in a shaded garden in Chora (the main town), Pounta serves delectable courgette fritters and rabbit stews. You can peruse their unique crockery for sale as you savor a pastry.

Address: Pounta, Chora Folegandros, 840 11 Phone: +30 2286041175 Website:

Folegandros Sinadisi: Time-Honored Tradition

Operating since 1920, Sinadisi in Ano Meria delights with traditional pasta “matsata” and locally-sourced meats, including chicken and rabbit.

Address: Ano Meria 840 11 Phone: +30 22860 41208

Folegandros Zefiros: Breezy Delights

Zefiros Anemos offers a welcoming atmosphere, attentive staff, and traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients. Savor a glass from their Aegean wine selection.

Address: Chora Folegandros, 840 11 Phone: +30 22860 41556 Website:

Blue Cuisine: Aegean Elegance

Discover creative Greek cuisine at Blue Cuisine, tucked away in Chora, with a relaxed setting overlooking the Panagia church nestled in the rocks.

Address: Chora Folegandros, 840 11 Phone: +30 22860 41665 Website:

Dal Capo del porto: Seaside Serenade

Overlooking Folegandros port, Dal Capo offers traditional recipes featuring island fish, swordfish, tuna, calamari, alongside fresh salads, vegetables, and local wine.

Address: Karavostasis, 840 11 Phone: +30 22860 41564 Website:

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