The island is famous in every corner of the world for the longevity of the locals and the festivals that have reached mythical proportions, but it also has other hidden beauties waiting to be discovered.


Archaeological Museum: The archaeological collection houses finds from the ancient and classical periods, such as pots, amphorae, tools, coins, and objects from excavations and shipwrecks. (Agios Kirikos, Tel. 22750 23 878)

Ikarian festivals: Everything you hear about Ikarian festivals is not a myth. They are a unique experience filled with excitement, emotion, and revelry. The festivals of Ikaria are organized all year round, and on major holidays, several festivals can be held concurrently in different villages. They have now become a tradition in Ikaria and many people schedule their vacations on the island according to the festival program.

Museum of Folklore and History: The collection includes exhibits such as traditional costumes, textiles, folk art objects, and exhibits related to the traditional life of the island. (Agios Kirikos, Tel. 22750 24001)

Monastery of Osia Theoktisti: Located in the village of Pigi, in the north of the island. It is not known when the church was built, however, a preserved inscription dates its consecration to 1688. Today, the monastery is not inhabited, but it is visited by people from all over the world to admire the impressive Monastery’s porch, which looks carved into the rock, while the interior is equally unique.

Hiking trails: The steep bare cliffs, the green slopes, the exceptionally beautiful ravines and the unique natural landscapes make up an idyllic setting for hiking. The hiking trails cross all these beauties of the place and offer unique experiences.

Water sports: The landscape and natural environment of the island offer a range of options. Throughout Ikaria, you can find equipment rental stores as well as qualified instructors who can guide you in any sport, such as diving, surf, windsurf, water ski, and more.

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