A wonderful beach that has been associated with exciting myths of pirates that reached the shores of Epirus during a wild storm, Sarakiniko, just outside Parga, is one of the green, idyllic coasts of the Greek mainland, a striking beach with stunning, clear waters and tall trees almost next to the water.


According to legend, devious pirates arrived here centuries ago aiming to take advantage of the locals. They presented themselves as merchants lost in the storm, winning the locals’ trust and even being invited to a wedding. Their goal was to abduct the bride and rob the guests, but they failed and ended up being chased away from the shore, in defeat, leaving a wonderful land behind.

Today, Sarakiniko is a quiet, protected, beach of the Ionian Sea that charms travellers who visit from cosmopolitan Parga and exotic Sivota. Despite the fact this beach has been, for many years, one of the best kept secrets of western Greece, it has now become very popular and during the summer it is swarmed with people.

If you arrive early, however, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot to set up your umbrella and towels, while the largest part of the beach is serviced. Shallow, turquoise waters, fine white pebbles, and a small hill with virgin vegetation on one side create a peaceful tropical paradise.

How to get there

Sarakiniko is located 19 km away from the charming town of Parga. By car, you’ll pass by Anthousa and Agia, before turning left towards the beach. Despite the road being paved, you need to be very careful because it has many turns and, just before reaching the coast, the road becomes very narrow and difficult.

Alternatively, you can reach the Sarakiniko bay by water, renting a sea taxi from Parga. It costs €12, return, per person, and it takes less than 30 min. Boats leave daily from the port of Parga for Sarakiniko.

Where to eat


A traditional veranda with unobstructed view of the turquoise waters of Sarakiniko is one of the best spots to admire the charm of this unique place, with the Ionian Sea in front of you and the lovely verdant hill on you left.

Delicious fresh fish and a wide range of seafood and tasty appetizers. You can also have breakfast here before taking a refreshing dip in the waters, just steps away from the restaurant.


Within the homonymous hotel, the Anemolia restaurant serves fine dishes that range from great fish dishes to well-grilled meats, like pork tenderloin and schnitzel. Also, try the shrimp saganaki, the garlic mushrooms, and the fried calamari with a glass of tasty wine in a perfect location in the area.

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