As you turn right, off the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road, at the Volos – Pelion sign, every stressful thought, every small or big worry and anxiety from the difficulties of everyday life disappears.


This beautiful, rich and fertile land in Greece is a place everyone returns to. To experience a little bit more of Volos, to see a little bit more of its port, to drink tsipouro (traditional pomace raki) and have traditional mezes at Giota’s tsipouradiko (tavern that serves tsipouro and mezes, typical in Volos) in the Palia neighbourhood, and also to see more of Volos’ magical mountain, Pelion, which, according to Greek mythology, was the summer residence of the Gods and the home of the centaurs.

The spot where the mountain meets with eternity is 1.624 m. high but it’s not accessible. However, the Pelion Ski Centre is at 1.471 m., an altitude considered particularly low for a ski centre, something that affects the snowfall, the morphology of the ground and the climate. The foothills of Pelion border with two different seas, the more impressive and “wild” Aegean sea and the calm, friendlier Pagasetic Gulf. That’s the reason it’s considered the mountain of four seasons.

Apart from its natural beauty, the unique architecture and the friendly people, Pelion also prides itself for its imaginative cuisine and top quality first ingredients. Tsitsiravla (pickled turpentine tree shoots), the Pelion strapatsada (Greek scrambled eggs with tomato sauce and feta), the local greens pie, the tiropsomo (kind of bread with pieces of cheese, usually feta), the olive bread, the Pelion bumbari (a sausage made of ground beef and offal) and the famed spetzofai (traditional Pelion dish prepared with sausage and peppers in tomato sauce) are just a few of the locals’ and visitors’ favourites. Now that the weather is getting colder, a trip to Pelion is a must, as is the search for traditional Pelion flavours.

Below you’ll find a list with the restaurants and taverns honouring the authentic Pelion cuisine.

Kardamo restaurant in Makrinitsa

Located in one of the most beautiful spots of Makrinitsa, overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf, you’ll find a restaurant that has been filling the hearts of the locals, as well as those of visitors, with warmth for many years now. They are known for their great ingredients, while the chicken and the spetzofai are always popular choices.

Kardamo, tel. 0030 24280 90131

Anapodo Platani in Tsagkarada

A unique suggestion and a very pleasant culinary stop is that to Maria Konstantinidou’s Anapodo Platani. It’s an old coffee shop that preserves the architecture and has been turned into a warm and hospitable house. It offers unique dishes, barbeque, Mediterranean and Oriental flavours, spicy sauces, greens and vegetables from their vegetable garden, freshly baked bread and homemade refreshments.

Anapodo Platani, tel. 0030 24260 48886

Kritsas Gastronomy in Portaria

Local, traditional Greek cuisine with pure ingredients served (in the summer) under the plane trees. This restaurant sources local meats and fresh vegetables from the area’s gardens, as well as from their private farm. Their pies are a must, as well as their spetzofai, the tsitsiravla, the fried wild greens with eggs and the lamb.

Kritsas Gastronomy , tel. 0030 24280 99121

Meidani in Zagora

Mrs Niki’s tavern is a constant. At the tables overlooking the Aegean you will be served honest dishes and a truly delicious ‘kleftiko’ lamb. Try the pies and the greens, the goat cooked in parchment paper, the fried meat balls and the sausage.

Meidani, tel. 0030 2426 022626

Me Mostra in Portaria

Who said that tsipouradika are the exclusive privilege of Volos? Me Mostra is housed in a beautiful stone building and its dishes are very popular. Mostly mezes, with great ingredients and abundant tsipouro.

Me Mostra, tel. 0030 694 447 7683

El Resto in Mouresi

A pleasant surprise awaits anyone visiting Mouresi, in Pelion. The El Resto restaurant and their tweaked local recipes are reason enough to extend your stay. Maintaining the flavour balance in almost every dish in a unique way, El Resto can pride itself for being on foodies’ go to lists. Another plus, the dishes look amazing.

El Resto, tel. 0030 24260 31005

O Lotos in Agios Lavrentios

Traditional dishes, local flavours, casserole dishes, as well as grilled meats in a lovely garden in Agios Lavrentios. Try the caramelized shank that comes with fresh hand-cut fries.

O Lotos, tel. 24280 96243

Bonus: Omonia, traditional coffee shop in Pouri

Omonia is both a coffee shop and a lending library. Theocharis, the owner, created a space for everyone, including those who love reading. Just another reason to visit this unique village in Pelion; the tsipouro, the wine and the lovely local mezes you can have at Omonia.

Omonia coffee shop, tel. 0030 24260 22321