Greece is bathed in light and surrounded by the sea. The abundance of seaside locations, however, often makes us forget other fabulous water spots such as the country’s creeks, lakes and rivers.


Lakes, in particular, are a special case. They create an entirely unique setting, where serenity prevails. The colours of lake settings are spellbinding, making stays at such locations truly singular. These detached environments help alleviate the stress and anxiety of everyday life, while their scenic settings, combing greenery and mountains, and offering fresh air, are truly reinvigorating.

Below, we recommend some lakeside locations and accommodation choices for a different type of holiday.

Lake Kastoria (Orestiada)

Lakeside location

A stone house literally situated alongside the water at Lake Kastoria, this place offers a magical view, including from the interior, through its windows. It is surrounded by a lawn garden. Stone and wood are the dominant interior features, while it is also offers a fireplace. The house is fully equipped and can accommodate up to four guests, including children. Pets are also welcome.

Flat with a view

This fully equipped 110 square-metre flat is situated close to Doltso, the old town of Kastoria with cobbled alleys and old mansions. Although it is located by the lake, the flat remains at a central point, close to a supermarket, restaurants, cafes and a variety of other shops. It has all the amenities you need, is spacious and features a fireplace. The view of the lake from the balcony is soothing.

Lake Kerkini

Farmhouse with a swimming pool

The heated swimming pool and location, next to Lake Kerkini, are the features of this holiday home. It can host up to three guests and is fully equipped with anything you many need for your infant or child. Washing machine, dishwasher, internet, even water-related gear, such as diving equipment, are provided. The garden features a barbecue.

Junior suite by the lake

The Erodios hotel, a part of which is immersed in greenery, features a suite on a hill with large windows and a unique view of the lake and Serres valley. It offers breakfast, while guests may relax at the bar or swimming pool. The hotel restaurant is also worthy. It offers a menu of local recipes and a variety of wine choices.


The Lake House

This house, situated in the magical Prespes area, just metres from the water and mountain, is fully equipped all amenities. An exceptional taverna directly next door is another bonus. The house is very spacious and appropriate for families. It can accommodate up to six guests. Its back end offers a mountain view while the front side looks out to the lake for a lovely view. Other features include a solar-powered boat and two canoes for rides in the lake.

Family home with a view

A wooden house ideal for a relaxing getaway, this place has a four-guest capacity and is also suitable for families with babies or children. The view of the serene lake is marvellous. Its regulars hail the place for the relaxation it offers, as well as its comforts. A restaurant serving delicious food is situated below the house.


Vista de Lago

A fully equipped home, this stone house has large spaces, features a fireplace, complete kitchen and modern bathroom. It also serves breakfast. Its amazing view can also be enjoyed from inside or the large 50 square-metre stone veranda. The house sits on a lush property, offering a view of the lake and waterski canal.

Top-floor apartment with large veranda

A top-floor apartment on the fourth floor, this place, with an elevator, accommodates up to four persons and is fully equipped. It covers the range of needs for families with children and is renowned for being spotless as well as for the landlady’s hospitality. The interior is modern and comfortable, while the view from the veranda is a definite plus.

Lake Plastira

Intimate, stone maisonette

Covering a total floor space of 120 square metres, this spacious property, next to the lake, has a six-guest capacity. The combination of wood and stone at the interior blends beautifully with the outdoor environment. The house is on property surrounded by fir trees, has a garden, swings, barbecue and private parking. If you visit in winter, make the most of its fireplace or traditional wood-fired heater. Pets are welcome.

Great lady of the lake

Another large-sized maisonette measuring 120 square metres, this place accommodates up to six guests. Stone, wood and charming furniture combine to create the character of this holiday home, on the same property as the aforementioned Lake Plastira house, amid trees with a private road track, fireplace, barbecue, parking and a pet house on the balcony. The house is fully equipped and suitable for groups or families with children.