According to trivago data, November’s current average on-line price for a double room at an Athens hotel has fallen to 94 euros per night, down from 104 euros in October, 114 euros in September, 113 euros in August and 108 euros in July, a survey found.


Europe’s highest November average, to date, for a double room is held by Zurich, averaging 210 euros per night, followed by London, at 189 euros per night, Paris, at 176 euros per night, and Reykjavik, at 171 euros per night, the survey found. The lowest average prices so far this November were registered by Moscow (65 euros), followed by Istanbul and Warsaw (69 euros). In other cities with active tourism industries, Amsterdam’s average was 155 euros per night, followed by Madrid (134 euros), Vienna (129 euros), Barcelona (124 euros), Lisbon (122 euros), Rome (114 euros) and Berlin (112 euros). `

Trivago, an international price-comparison engine for hotels and other accommodation, takes into account price data of over 2 million units listed on 400 accommodation websites around the world.

New Athens hotel project reaffirms investment interest in sector

Strong overall interest in new Athens hotel investments has been reaffirmed with yet another unit set for development in the city centre.

The new downtown hotel, to result from the refurbishment of a building at 58 Stadiou St & 103 Aiolou St, a property that formerly hosted the Apollon hotel, will operate as an independent three-storey hotel with a total floor space of 3,105 square metres. It will be comprised of a basement level, ground-level shops, an intermediate level, three floors and a rooftop.

According to sources, the development ministry has already included the investment plan, to be carried out by the PB Hotel IKE company, in a subsidy support programme for very small and small enterprises that will make available over 3 million euros for this project.

The new-look hotel, to offer 49 rooms with a total of 98 beds, is planned to operate as a four-star hotel. The property was leased to the PB Hotel IKE company following a tender staged by the auxiliary social security fund (ETEAEP).

According to the fund, the refurbishment and relaunch of the property, one of the most emblematic buildings in its area, promises to reestablish it as a city landmark at one of the historic centre’s most frequented and commercial districts.

Meanwhile, hotels in Athens, hit harder by the pandemic compared to facilities at island and provincial locations, have remain competitively priced this month and are awaiting the festive season for a revenue boost. Even so, Athens hoteliers remain on edge as a result of the sharp rise in Covid-19 cases over recent weeks, fearing the development could impact tourist activity.

According to data provided by INSETE, the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation, a total of nearly 260,000 airline passengers from 28 countries are currently scheduled to visit Athens between November 8 and 21. The biggest influx is anticipated from Germany followed by Italy, Cyprus and France.