Water sport enthusiasts have long been drawn to Naxos with its combination of reliable winds, shallow waters and long sandy beaches. From adrenaline-fuelled fun like water-skiing and wakeboarding, jet skiing and inflatables and tubes, to natural-powered activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing, SUP’s and kayaks, Naxos has got the lot. The clean seas are ideal for snorkelling while qualified divers can explore a cargo shipwreck, reefs, and the remains of a WW2 plane.


Away from the coast, the island is crossed by a series of dirt roads and old donkey trails ideal for exploring the green valleys and mountainous terrain of the interior. A basic network of trails has been cleared and waymarked but there are also small tracks that lead to peaks, castles, churches and headlands. The route from Apeiranthos to Moutsouna is breathtaking, taking in the old emery mines and a series of beautiful vistas as you make your way down to the waiting Aegean for a cooling dip.

Mount Zas

Filoti is the starting point for many walks in the gentle Naxos countryside including the ascent of Mount Zas. The highest point in the Cyclades at just over 1000 metres, it is claimed that Zeus was raised here, hiding from his vengeful father Kronus, while his son Dionysus, god of wine and merriment, grew up here too in the dark hollows of Zas Cave.

Well signposted, the trek to the summit is reasonably arduous but the view from the top is stunning with panoramas over the neighbouring islands and even to Asia Minor on a clear day. Reckon on 3 hours for the round trip and take water with you.

On the western slopes of Mount Zas at an elevation of 600 metres is the entrance to Zas Cave, and it was here that Zeus received the lightning bolt from the Cyclops and became ruler of Olympus. Take a torch to best explore the rock formations and try to find the priest and his wife, two locals said to have been petrified by God so that they would not be captured by the Turks. Nearby are the Aria springs with cold drinkable water where you can refresh after climbing the slopes.

Boat to Mikres Cyclades

Set sail on a beautiful sailing boat and make your way to the mini-archipelago of the Mikres Cyclades. Away from the tourist beaches are secluded spots and uninhabited islets to explore off the southern coast of Naxos. Hire your own yacht if you have the necessary know-how or join one of the daily cruises from the Naxos Marina.

Cine Naxos

Fifteen minutes walk from the port, Cine Naxos lets you watch the big screen under the stars. Director-style chairs with tables for your drink and snacks are your grandstand for a couple of hours as the sun sets and the latest movies are played.


Naxos is ideal for cycling fans with some fantastic routes within a network of quiet dirt trails, country roads and unmade tracks which cover the whole island. The coastal road along the southwestern shore from Naxos Town to Kastraki hugs the shoreline and offers a greatest hits of Naxos beaches, while bolder riders might head inland to the mountain villages and stretch themselves against the steeper scenery.


The emerald clear seas around Naxos are ideal for exploring the shores up close with hidden caves and islets only reachable by seacraft. Paddle past giant sea stacks, rest on tiny beaches a few steps wide, and marvel at the sea life beneath the waves.

Saint Anna Winery

The marriage of Ariadne and Dionysus, the god of wine and merriment, blessed Naxos with fertile vines and rich lands. Grapevines are found all over the island, especially in the cooler mountainous valleys and plateaus where water is plentiful but most fields are for personal use. Saint Anna is the foremost vineyard on Naxos, based in Potamia, a small village outside of Naxos Town. Planted with indigenous varieties, tastings are available at the small scale production unit where the emphasis is on quality and expressing the natural flavours of the island.

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