Embark on a journey through Naxos’ vibrant café scene, where each establishment offers a unique experience. Explore Rotonda’s harmonious architecture, Avaton 1739 Cafe’s historic charm, Blue Lagoon’s captivating sea view, Cafe Soulatso’s lively atmosphere, Dolce Vita’s traditional Greek desserts, and Del Mar Cafe’s authentic Italian fare.


Rotonda Cafe Bar Restaurant

Spotted in the quaint village of Apiranthos, Rotonda resides near the Church of Saint John. The stone exterior harmonizes with the island’s architecture, while the balcony reveals stunning Aegean vistas. Savor Mediterranean and Greek cuisine as the DJ sets the mood. Rotonda caters to various dietary needs and occasions.

Address: Apiranthos, Ai Giannis, 843 00, Phone: +30 22850 61254, Website: www.rotondanaxos.gr

Avaton 1739 Cafe

Within the historic Ursulines School, Avaton 1739 Cafe offers respite after exploring the Venetian Castle. The terrace showcases breathtaking panoramas of whitewashed Naxos Town.

Address: Kastro, 843 00, Phone: +30 22850 23160, Website: https://www.facebook.com/avaton1739/

Blue Lagoon

Discover Blue Lagoon in Kastraki village, a cozy little stop over with a captivating sea view. Indulge in delectable snacks, drinks, and desserts.

Address: Kastraki, 843 00, Phone: +30 22850 75147, Website: www.facebook.com

Cafe Soulatso

In Chora Naxos’ main square, Cafe Soulatso brims with life. Enjoy coffee, fresh juices, sandwiches, and more, before transitioning into the night with drinks and smooth tunes.

Address: Chora, 843 00 Phone: +30 22850 23592

Dolce Vita Café & Patisserie

Adjacent to Naxos’ inaugural citrus distillery, Dolce Vita serves traditional Greek desserts and coffee. The lounge area offers comfortable seating, with options to dine in or take away.

Address: Chalkeio, 843 02, Phone: +30 22850 33090, Website: www.dolce-vita.gr

Del Mar Cafe

Del Mar Cafe, situated on picturesque Agios Prokopios beach, delights with authentic Italian recipes. Indulge in pasta, salads, panini, and pizzas crafted with imported Italian ingredients. Or simply have a drink lounging on the sandy beach.

Address: Agios Prokopios, 843 00, Phone: +30 22850 44142, Website: www.facebook.com/delmarcafe.naxos

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