Many of the boutiques and stores are located in the modern part of the island’s capital, where you’ll find well-known brands, such as Scandalo, Prada, Verita True Luxury, and MAG Jewellery. You’ll also find more affordable and practical gear such as shoes and sandals, clothing and accessories. If you are looking for local goods, you can visit the Old Town, where you can find jewelry, leather goods, and handmade items crafted from wood, wicker, gold, silver, and gemstones. You’ll also want to bring back some of the unique products, such as kumquat liqueur, mandolato, ouzo, or a piece of olive wood, as a memorable souvenir from your vacation.


LOC Collection

LOC Collection is a premium line of personal care products originally stocking premium Mediterranean Sea Sponges. Now the brand has evolved and has begun formulating using high-quality, natural skin care products using ingredients, including organic extra virgin olive oil, opuntia ficus-indica, argania spinosa, and stem cells from the argan tree. These ingredients are carefully selected to deliver effective, nourishing benefits to the skin. The newest LOC Collection includes five products: hand cream, body cream, and three face products, including a mask gel, serum, and face cream. If you’re looking for natural, high-quality personal care products head to LOC Collection.

Address: Saint SPYRIDON corner, 491 31 Phone: +30 697 284 7539, Website:

Corfu Sandals

Elevate your fashion sense with the handcrafted leather sandals from Corfu, Greece. Choose from over 130 unique, stylish, and timeless designs, each featuring a vibrant color palette. These original creations, inspired by Greek heritage and crafted by talented artisans, cater to all ages and styles, including classic, ancient Greek, anatomic, women’s, men’s, children’s, and minimalist designs. No matter your body type, taste, or occasion, you’re sure to find a perfect fit with these versatile sandals that embody the quality of handcrafted art. The Corfu sandals stores are always nearby, accompanying you on all your adventures and keeping you ahead of the fashion curve.
Address: Fillelinon 3, Corfu 491 00 Phone: +30 26610 37768 Website:

Lamprini Chantziara – Concept Store

Upgrade your jewelry collection with the stunning designs of Lamprini Chantziara. Hailing from the culturally rich island of Corfu, this Greek designer has honed her creative skills from a young age. Her passion for jewelry making is reflected in her unique handcrafted pieces, which feature a combination of crochet and chain techniques with high-quality materials such as yarns, metal chains, Swarovski crystals, and semi-precious stones. The result is a collection of one-of-a-kind statement pieces that bring out the natural beauty of every woman who wears them. With an eye for color and a mix of contemporary and vintage styles, Lamprini’s innovative design process never fails to amaze. If you’re looking for jewelry that perfectly blends tradition and modernity, look no further than Lamprini Chantziara.
Address: 51 Guilford Street, 49131, Phone: +30 26610 32401, +30 6944 945 089 Website:

Muses Corfu

Step into the world of inspired Greek design with Muses Corfu Concept Store. This unique shopping destination seamlessly blends tradition, culture, and contemporary art with fashion. From exceptional and refined Greek collections, to showcasing the work of diverse artists, every visit to Muses Corfu is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the story of the idea’s conception and admire the creativity that Greece has to offer. This one-of-a-kind multispace is the go to store for those looking for singular gifts to take home.
Address: 22, Michael Τheotoki str., 49100, Phone:+30 2661 030708 Website:

Zea Delicatessen

Experience the authentic taste of Greece with Zea Delicatessen, located in the heart of Corfu’s historic old town. This unique shopping destination offers a wide selection of homemade jams, traditional pasta, fresh pastries, handmade Greek halva, and genuine products sourced from all over Greece. From Trachana from Pella, Grevena mushrooms, beans from Prespes, liqueur from Tzoumerka, appetizers and dips from Larissa, and pulses from Kozani, to pasta from Zagorohoria, and local specialties like Corfu’s kumquat jam, honey, and herbs. There are of course organic and gluten-free products, so you’ll be able to indulge in the many flavors of Greece in a way that suits your dietary needs.

Address: 35, Agias Sofias str., Phone: +30 2661401292 Website:

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