Aponisos, a part of the larger Agkistri, is often described in travel media as a tropical paradise just an hour away from Athens. Known for its aquamarine waters and tropical ambiance, these labels are perfectly fitting.


Accessible from its sister island Agkistri by a small bridge-platform, Aponisos is a tiny private island. It’s located just 5 to 8 kilometers away from Megalochori and Skala, depending on your chosen route and transportation. The town of Limenaria is a short 20-minute walk or about 2 kilometers away.

The island’s pebble beach, a small 150 meters long and 5 meters wide stretch, is made of flat, smooth pebbeles. Some of the beach is equipped with sunbeds, but there’s also room for your beach towel. Arriving early ensures you get the best spot.

The crystal clear waters of the beach truly live up to their ‘sapphire’ tag. With a gentle gradient making it safe for young ones and rocks at the edge for those seeking a thrill, Aponisos is perfect for families. The presence of sea urchins can make for an interesting culinary adventure if you’re savvy.

Exploring the deep waters of Aponisos is a diver’s dream, so don’t forget your gear. If you prefer, sea bikes and canoes are also available for rent.

Away from the main beach, a small cove offers a perfect spot to anchor and enjoy the unique beach of the Argosaronic Gulf.

The island also boasts a charming beach bar and a taverna serving amazing seafood dishes with a side of warm hospitality. An afternoon visit will allow you to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Argosaronic.

The Saline Lake and the Quaint Church

Being a small island, Agkistri is easy to navigate. A swim in Aponisos can be combined with a casual walk around Alyki, Agkistri’s lake. This saline water body, brought to life by spring flowers, supports a thriving ecosystem.

Alyki was once a salt-harvesting site, thanks to a man-made canal connecting it to the sea. Near the lake stands the Byzantine chapel of Saint Nicholas, the island’s first built church and a heritage site.

Practical Tips for an Agkistri Sojourn

The 14 square kilometers of Agkistri make it easy to explore by scooter, bicycle, or foot. During the hot summer months of July or August, consider joining an excursion to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus for a memorable performance. Island tours are also available, allowing you to discover uninhabited islands like Doroussa, Kyra, Metopi, and Spalathronisi.

The hillside village of Metochi offers stunning ocean views from the Church of Panagia. You may even encounter local wildlife such as tortoises, rabbits, ducks, and peacocks from the nearby islet of Moni.

Agkistri has one pharmacy and two ATMs for your convenience. It’s the perfect place for a weekend retreat, but its captivating beauty might convince you to stay longer.

How to Get to Agkistri

You can get to Megalochori, the island’s capital, in just under an hour via the ‘Flying Dolphin’ ferry from the port of Piraeus. If you’re bringing a car, take the line ship which will get you to the port of Skala in just under two hours.

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