Lemnos has a rich agricultural production, something reflected in its culinary tradition.


Most restaurants use local ingredients sourced from small producers, highlighting the island’s unique culinary identity. Cheeses, pasta, flour and bread, as well as meat comes from the land and supply taverns and restaurants. These are the five food spots we recommend in Lemnos.


Pezoula” is housed on the ground floor of a beautiful two-storey house, with comfy director’s chairs, colourful cushions and basil pots completing the scene. From early in the morning till late at night, you can have coffee, breakfast, brunch, burgers, desserts, wine and cocktails here. Try the kaplama (their version of Croque madame with traditional bread, grated melihloro cheese and 2 fried eggs on top), the fresh vegetable bulgur salad, and the burger that, among other things, contains kaskavali, a local semi-hard cheese. From the dessert list, the samsades, a traditional Lemnos dessert with almonds, sesame and syrup served with kaimaki ice cream, stands out.

Info: Iroon square, Moudros, Lemnos, tel.: 0030 22540 71059


It could be described as a gastro coffee shop, since “Riza”, on the foothills of Androni hill in Mirina, is a meeting point for both locals and visitors. There are two main characteristics here, local ingredients that the owners meticulously seek, and creativity and taste through simplicity. So, you’ll see sourdough pita served with fresh cheese, olive oil, grapes and ground pepper, or juicy melon with cheese, basil and molasses.

The menu changes daily depending on the available ingredients, but most days you’ll find local fava on the menu, smoked or carpaccio fish, and meat such as beef meatballs with yogurt and homemade pickled cabbage. The vegetables are from their own or neighbouring vegetable gardens, the legumes local, the cheeses made on the island, the owners process the fish in-house, they make their own pickles, and have a smokehouse. We recommend the lemon pie from the dessert list, while it’s also a great opportunity to try the local wines.

Info: Androni, Mirina, Lemnos, tel.: 0030 22540 29519

Ennoia Po’Xs

In the local dialect, the name means “pay no attention, don’t’ worry” and this perfectly describes the carefree vibes at the main square of Lihna, where the restaurant is located. The main thing here is sharing food with your companions, and the menu has been designed for this. From the selection of cheeses from all over Greece, to the parsley olive oil tarama with black garlic, and the smoked mackerel with beets to the “gemista” risotto, you’ll taste unique flavours made with great ingredients. The menu is completed by a good beer selection and distillates.

Info: Lihna, Lemnos, tel.: 0030 22540 71742


At the paved yard with the many flower pots, you’ll appreciate the unique flavour that the wood-burning oven adds to food. The cooks here put the pies, gemista (rice-stuffed tomatoes and peppers), lamb, chickpeas and sourdough bread in the oven early in the morning. You must try the hand-rolled dolmadakia (rice-stuffed vine leaves) and the Lemnos katimeria (small pies, resembling pancakes) with honey and melihloro cheese.

Info: Plati, Lemnos, tel.: 0030 22540 23611


They use local ingredients to make traditional, well-cooked dishes like rooster in wine sauce with flomaria (local pasta), Lemnos goat in tomato sauce, and wild rabbit stew. There are many meat dishes including lamb chops and beef steak from local farms.

Info: Sardes, Lemnos, tel.: 0030 22540 61349

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