Since the town is right by the deep, calm, waters of the Ionian sea, the majority of establishments in Parga fall into the category of fish taverns, followed by the taverns serving traditional Greek food, grilled meats and seafood, as well as a couple of more “sophisticated” meat taverns.


The town’s few restaurants serve international cuisine, with an emphasis on Italian dishes, or modern Greek food, while there aren’t any gourmet – in terms of inventiveness, innovation and cooking techniques – restaurants in town yet. There’s also places serving burgers, Asian restaurants (Chinese and sushi), various street food options, and many souvlaki places; ensuring that there’s something for everyone’s preference.

What’s impressive for a town its size, is how strong the presence of wine is, since there are relatively many establishments in town with great wine lists. It seems that the residents of Parga have a passion for wine.

While in terms of where to go for a coffee and/or a drink or cocktail, one would expect all-day bars to be the main players in town, as is the case in most places in Greece nowadays, but it’s not the case. There are lovely all-day bars in Parga, serving great breakfast and brunch, and closing after midnight, but there are also classic bars for night owls, that only open in the evening, including some impressive sui generis options.

An extra bonus of Parga is the fact that you can enjoy your food or drink while taking in the stunning view of the Ionian sea and the little island of Panagia from almost everywhere.  

Taverns and restaurants

To Kantouni

A great, family-run, traditional tavern in a narrow street (kantouni) in the centre of town. It first started as a bakery, and since the mid-60s it’s been operating as a tavern. In the 60s, people gathered at its tables because there was a barber’s next door and Ektoras, the barber, played the mandolin. This tavern was a favourite haunt of Aristotle Onassis. It serves a variety of traditional Greek casserole dishes – with imam, moussaka and papoutsakia being especially good – grilled meats, sourced locally from small farms, and, occasionally, fresh fish. The spacious hall has rustic décor in warm shades, and there are tables in the large elevated garden.

Parga, Agiou Dimitriou square, tel:. 0030 26840 32715

Petros Sideris

Famed meat tavern, where even people with yachts go, despite it not being located on the beach. Its décor is modern and minimal. Apart from the –great– classic large skewers – goat, lamb, kokoretsi (traditional dish with intestines wrapped around offal), kontosouvli (large pork skewers over open fire), steaks – they also serve rib eye and tomahawk. Their appetizers and the salads are all also very good.  

Parga, 18 Riga Fereou str, tel.: 0030 2684 031373

To Souli

A nice fish tavern in the harbour, run by the second generation. They always serve fresh fish, fried or grilled over charcoal, as well as with pasta. We recommend the angler orzo and the squid spaghetti. They only offer outdoors seating, at tables under umbrellas, “against” the façade of one of the typical folk architecture houses, with a red tiled roof.

Parga, Anexartisias str, Harbour, tel.: 0030 694 447 0986


Traditional, family fish place with an amazing view of the beach of Valtos. Owned by a father and son who are both professional fishermen with their own boats. Their catches are served at the tavern, so the menu varies according to the day’s catch. They only offer outdoors seating, at tables under tiled porches.

Parga, 7 Mavrogiannis str, tel.: 0030 2684 031460


A family tavern, run by the second generation, serving well-prepared traditional dishes and grilled meat. High in the town’s castle, surrounded by a picturesque garden with a stone-built fence, bougainvillea trees, various flowers and jasmines.

Parga, Parga castle, tel.: 0030 697 797 7850


A nice tavern in the harbour with many tasty dishes, a laidback atmosphere and a view of the castle. They serve fresh fish and seafood, as well as locally sourced meat, all prepared fried or grilled over charcoal fire. Well-made Greek appetizers, spreads and salads. Giorgos Petronatos, the exuberant owner, takes care of every detail, with cheerful friendliness.

Parga, Gr. Lambraki str, Harbour, tel.: 0030 2684 032553


A quite large menu including modern Greek and Mediterranean dishes (they serve ceviche and carpaccio) and interesting desserts. It’s located in the harbour, with a view of the castle. The service is fast and polite.

Parga, 17 Gr. Lambraki str, Harbour, tel. 0030 693 724 147

Shanghai Asian restaurant

Fusion Asian cuisine, mostly Chinese and Japanese. The menu includes a variety of dishes, ranging from sweet-and-sour pork and fried rice, to noodles and bao buns and a variety of sushi (maki, urakame, California) and nigiri. In the harbour, overlooking the sea.

Parga, Gr. Lambraki str, tel. 0030 694 074 9047


A cosmopolitan hall with stone and wooden elements housed in the ground floor of Acropol hotel, in the harbour. The menu is mostly modern Greek cuisine, including however some pasta fresca dishes, locally sourced grilled meats, fish and seafood. What makes this restaurant special is its amazing wine list with over 200 labels from all over the Mediterranean. They also serve many aperitives, and a small selection of cognacs. They have a lovely roofed garden, while there’s a wine bar at the back, especially for wine tasting. The space is also available for private dining.

Parga, Acropol Boutique Hotel, 4 Agion Apostolon str, tel.: 0030 26840 31239


The restaurant is housed in an old two-storey building, right beneath the castle, with industrial décor and vintage elements. Open plan kitchen in the ground floor, and tables outside, a balcony with a view of the island of Panagia in the first floor, with Latin music playing. Mediterranean cuisine focused on Italian flavours (pasta, pizza, risotto), filling burgers, and locally sourced grilled meat.

Parga, Harbour, 16 Gr. Lambraki, tel.: 0030 6946502742

5 Senses

An interesting restaurant in the garden of Alfa Hotel with a view of the surrounding mountains. The menu includes inspired, modern, well-made, Greek cuisine dishes, while also including some classic international dishes.

Parga, 51 Agiou Athanasiou str, tel.: 0030 2684032111, 0030 26840 32321


One of the main advantages of this restaurant is its location at the edge of the pedestrian street that leads from the castle to Valtos beach, with the amazing view of the sea and the sunset you can enjoy if you get one of the tables on the street – most tables are in the picturesque blooming garden. They serve Italian cuisine with unique appetizers, many classic dishes with pasta and many options for mains (mostly meat dishes), as well as many desserts. Booking required.

Parga, Tourkopazaro, 30 Dimoulitsas Patatoukos str, tel.: 0030 26840 31265


A modern all-day bar-restaurant with impressive décor and a stunning view towards Valtos beach and the castle, from the 250-300 m altitude it’s built at. They have large balconies, a pool, a spacious hall and a large bar. They serve Mediterranean cuisine, cocktails and stay open late.

Parga, Tourkopazaro, 25 Dimoulitsas Patatoukos str, tel.: 0030 26840 32032


A nice, modern all-day café-bar-restaurant, serving mostly Italian cuisine. They also offer a rich breakfast and brunch with a wide variety of treats, with their crepes being amazing.

Parga, 26 Vasila str, tel.: 0030 26840 31409

Pargas Distillery – Amicos food & Cocktail Bar

The third generation of the Giourga family runs Pargas Distillery, having turned the old family distillery into a gorgeous little bistro. The building dates back to the beginning of the past century and has a great view of Valtos beach. Their food is based on fish and seafood and is great. Try the amazing grilled tuna and the lobster spaghetti. Their inventive cocktails use spirits that the distillery produces exclusively for them.

Parga, 26 Dimoulitsas Patatoukos str, tel.: 0030 2684 031234


A modern all-day cocktail bar-restaurant in the harbour, on the balcony of a traditional Ionian architecture building with a lovely view of the Ionian sea and the island of Panagia. International cuisine (including sushi), drinks and cocktails.

Parga, Harbour, Anexartisias str, tel.: 0030 697 282 7188

Wine & Food by Sugar

A unique all-day establishment focusing on wine and drinks that includes a restaurant with a small menu of international cuisine, a cocktail bar -wine bar-bistro with around 150 wine labels, and a lovely hall available for private dining. It’s located at a busy spot with an amazing sunset view.

Parga, Harbour, tel.: 0030 26840 32177, 0030 26840 31910


You won’t get bored in Parga. A series of bars (some of them all-day) stay open till late for you to go drinking and socialising.

Ponte café-bistro is a fresh, modern all-day shop near the castle, while Sail in, at the entrance of the town, that only opens at night, is also great, as is Veranda, that is exclusively a bar. The small cocktail bar Kamini, the minimalist Parga bar, open all-day with a great drinks and wine list, are both good. All of the above have a view of the port and play mainstream music. If you like classic rock, go to Antico in the harbour, with wooden chairs outside and videos playing on screens inside.

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