Andros, an island not yet dominated by tourism, offers a variety of activities for those seeking adventure. With strong summer winds, it’s a windsurfing haven, especially on the eastern side in Ormos Korthiou. Hiking enthusiasts can explore signposted trails leading to picturesque valleys, waterfalls, mountain villages, secluded beaches, and historic chapels. Autumn and spring provide the most comfortable hiking weather. In Kipri and Ormos, watersport centers offer a range of activities, including windsurfing, scuba diving, SUP, and wakeboarding, ensuring an active and enjoyable vacation on this hidden gem of an island.



The scenic beauty and variability of Andros’ network of paths have become a great pole of attraction for the island, drawing thousands of visitors from around Europe every year. A section of the trail network of up to 100 km has also been awarded by the European Confederation of Hiking Clubs and received a quality label. Stretching across many tens of kilometres, most of the “kaldermia” (many were old donkey paths) have been marked, and cleaned and are consistently maintained via various initiatives like Andros Routes and its volunteers.

Andros’ hiking reputation has changed the island’s profile and drawn a new kind of tourism, matched with some events corresponding to their interests, such as a hiking festival that is organised in October. Hiking with the Experts: See all the routes on the Andros Routes website and plan a guided tour that can include visits to local’s house, cooking or dining experiences, treasure hunts for kids and more. One Foot Forward by Ariana Maselou is an excellent business providing organized hikes, car and bike tours and other activities on the island.

Scuba Diving

Discover the underwater wonders of Andros with Scuba Andros Dive Center, founded in 2010 by passionate divers and environmental enthusiasts. Explore shipwrecks, reefs, caves, and experience Andros’ remarkable marine biodiversity on unforgettable diving and snorkeling adventures. The center also offers boat trips and equipment rental for a complete, immersive experience in Greece’s crystal-clear Aegean waters.


Andros has some lovely beaches in large and small, rocky coves that are ideal for snorkelling, scuba or free diving. Most of them are sandy and have clean, clear waters. Several are organized and easy to reach, but there are also wilder and more secluded ones if you prefer privacy and space. Andros’ winds can be quite temperamental and powerful, so be aware that beaches that are exposed to the wind will mean your chances of being sand-blasted are high.


Experience exhilarating water sports at WeSurfin’ Surf Club in Andros, where skilled instructors guide you in activities like windsurfing, SUP, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, refreshing beach bar, and delicious local cuisine at nearby Wesurfin Resto, making for an unforgettable adventure at Kypri Beach.

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