Discover the captivating beaches surrounding Parga, Greece, each offering unique experiences and breathtaking scenery. Dive into the clear waters of Lichnos, explore the well-organized Valtos, find tranquility at Sarakiniko, or snorkel at secluded Ai Yannaki. Don’t miss the charming Piso Krioneri, nestled close to the town center. With their diverse landscapes and activities, these five beaches promise unforgettable memories for every traveler.


With most of the best beaches located away from the Parga itself, go exploring in your Avis car rental and enjoy endless days of beach fun.


Located 4 km south of the town and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Epirus, it has a sandy shoreline with large pebbles and clear, deep waters perfect for fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling. The beach has cafes, taverns, rooms for rent, and a mini-market.


Valtos Beach in Parga: Found west of Parga, beneath a Venetian castle, is the stunning and well-organised Valtos Beach. It’s accessible by foot, car, bike, or boat from the town, with a 20-minute walk or a summer water taxi. It’s one of Greece’s best beaches with a 3 km coastline with greenery and clear waters.


Approximately 12km from Parga, near the village of Agia, is a charming and peaceful beach with a mix of sand and pebbles and is dotted with ancient olive trees that extend into the bay. You’ll find a range of activities, including pedalo or canoe rentals, diving and snorkelling. There are tavernas and accommodation options available nearby.

Ai Yannaki

This secluded beach is known for its emerald green waters and gravelly coastline, and is around 9 kilometres from Parga. Ideal for hours of snorkelling in the crystal-clear sea, it isn’t organized so bring your own umbrella. It takes its name from the small church dedicated to St. John on the hill above.

Piso Krioneri

Just a short walk from the town center, the beach is naturally sheltered from the wind within the embrace of St. Athanasios hill and its church. As a result, the beach is less crowded and smaller than Krioneri but is well-organized with facilities. Nearby attractions include the Panagia islet and the Skordas and Kremidas rocks.

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