Lefkada is a large island in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of Greece. It connects to Aitoloakarnania prefecture on mainland via a floating bridge of approximately 20 meters at the Drepano causeway. It and Evia (Euboea) are the only two Greek islands that have road access to the mainland.


The island’s terrain is mountainous with the majority being steep, including the highest peak, Mount Elati, which stands at 1182 meters. Most vineyards are located in the mountains and the climate, although warm Mediterranean, experiences the cooling influences of their high elevation and those of the nearby Pindus mountain range.

During the Venetian rule, viticulture was promoted and developed for the production of raisins, however this product did not achieve the success it had on Zakynthos. Today, the island’s wineries cultivate mainly the red variety Vertzami and the white Bardea, but they also try to protect and promote many endemic endangered varieties.

Vertzami endows wines with high tannins, characteristic acidity, and a full deep aroma. Bardea, which has no relation to “Vardella” from Zakynthos, bestows wines with mild aromatic intensity and moderate acidity. Winemakers on the island can use the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Lefkada. Most wineries accept visitors for tours and tastings.

Karsanikos Winery

The winery is housed in a beautiful stone building where both traditional methods and modern equipment are used. The family’s vineyards are located in the area of Agios Ioanni Antzousis and in Karya at an altitude of 550 meters. The vineyards, similar to the rest of the mountainous vineyards of Lefkada, were created through terracing, leveling, and reclaiming the surrounding slopes.

The narrow vineyards required years of work to support the fertile soil with retaining dry stone walls. The annual grape production totals about 400 kilos per 1,000 m2 and the harvest usually takes place at the end of September. Notable labels from the estate include the red Karasinikos from vertzami and the white Karasinikos. Their “Epilogos” is a sweet wine made from sun dried grapes.

The winery is open for visits by appointment only and the tours are in English. Visitors will get to sample the wines, see exhibits of past winemaking equipment, and enjoy the beautiful view of the island from 550 meters.

Address: Karia, Lefkada, 31080 Phone: +30 6946954547 and +30 6944536838 Websitewww.karsanikos.gr

Leukaditiki Gi

The winery “Leukaditiki Gi” was founded and is managed by oenologist Dimitrios Robopoulos. The focus is on local grape varieties Bardea and Vertzami. The Bardea vines are approximately 10 years old and are planted in argyllophilic soil. The Vertzami vines are located at an altitude of 600 to 800 meters and are planted in siliceous soil. Today, eleven labels are produced, including the white “Skin contact” from the Bardea variety and the red and rosé “Leukaditiki Gi” from Vertzami.

The winery is visitable and an appointment is recommended but not necessary. Communication can be made in Greek and English.

Address: 8th Km on the main road Nidri – Vasiliki Phone: +30 26450 95200 Website: www.lefkaditigi.gr

Plagies Lefkadas

This winery is located in one of the highest villages of Lefkada, Agios Ilias, and has a view towards the Bay of Vassiliki. Plagies Lefkadas started operation in 2003 and the mastermind behind the venture is George Soldatos, a local lad from the village, with a long family tradition in viticulture that has been uninterrupted for many generations. The winery invests in local varieties Bardea, Vertzami, Patrio, Chlori, and Perachorti. It also cultivates the French grape, Merlot. All the vines are located on rocky terraces and have the traditional “kypello” (meaning that they are pruned into cup shapes) configuration. The effort is focused on protecting and preserving the old vine terraces and traditional grapes of the estate.

The winery is open for visits by appointment only and the tours are in English.

Address: Ag. Ilias Lefkada 31100  Phone: +30 697 7607593 and +30 697 8126901


The winery “Sýflogo” was established in 1994 by Maria and Dionysios Papnikolopoulos in a small, mountainous village in Lefkada. Their son, Vasilis Papnikolopoulos, having completed his studies as a Chemical Engineer, took over the property. The total vineyard area is 20 acres, at an altitude of 500 meters. Only local varieties are grown here, some of which are in danger of being lost and are on the verge of exstinction. These endangered varieties include Mavropatrino, Chlori, and White Vertzamo. efforts to revive them are becoming increasingly commendable.

The cultivation is organic and the predominant means of production at the winery is by using only very mild intervention that preserves the character of the grape and terroir. The wines are also made without filtering or adding sulfites. Outstanding labels from the estate include the “orange” wine from the Chlori variety, the red “Brousko” from Vertzami, and the crisp rosé from Mauropatrino.

The winery is open for visits by appointment only and the tours are in English.

Address: Platistomo Lefkada, 31 080 Phone: +30 698 10 66 871 Website: www.siflogo-lefkada.gr

Map of Wineries on Lefkada

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