The beaches of Rhodes are mostly large, well maintained and cosmopolitan. They have clear blue waters and but some are surrounded by resorts. At most of them you can enjoy sea sports. To get to the more remote and less busy beaches, a hire car in a must.


Near the town

Elli (Rhodes beach): The main beach for the city of Rhodes; Large, with countless umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars on the sand and much more.

Ixia and Ialyssos: Immediately after Rhodes town (8.5 kilometres or 5.3 miles), surrounded by large, luxurious hotels. Together, these two beaches create one vast, serviced beach, with white sand in places and turquoise waters. Along the length there are windsurfing schools, popular here due to the windy conditions. Windsurfing, beach volleyball and beach-soccer championships are organised.

Pendant: Organised and busy, with many beach bars and a water sports centre. Located after Ialissos, 12 km (7.5 miles) from the town.

Kallithea – Kallithea Springs: The long, narrow bay has crystal clear waters and exotic vegetation. It is adorned by the impressive architecture of the hydrotherapy centre (see Sightseeing). It is serviced and there are diving schools. 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) from the town.

Faliraki: In the 1950s this was a quiet beach called Pachynammos, with two houses and a tavern of the same name. Today, it is one of the busiest beaches in Rhodes, a vast forest of umbrellas and sunbeds. This is the beach for those who love fun and alcohol. The main street is full of bars, restaurants, and shops. There is a waterpark, bungee jumping and go-cart tracks. Of course, all kinds of water sports are on offer. Just 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) from the city.

Traounou (Traganou), Afandou, and Plaka: Three beaches that form one long and wide beach with sand and pebbles. The waters deepen steeply. It is organised in various places, with a beach volleyball court, beach bars, water sports facilities. Afandou beach has a golf course, and has won a Blue Flag. Approximately 22 kilometres (13.6 miles)from the town.

Tsampika: 26 kilometres (16 miles) from Rhodes town. This is simply one of the most beautiful beaches to take a swim, at the foot of the monastery of Panagia where, according to tradition, women wanting to conceive go there to aid their fertility. It is large with fine sand, green shallow waters, dunes.

Agathi: A Sheltered beach with fine sand and shallow waters. It overlooks the mediaeval castle of Feraklos, which is worth a visit. Next beach is Haraki. It is about 38 km from the town.

Mantoumata: Next to Faliraki is this small beach that few people know by its original name, as it is known on the island as the nudist beach. Its disadvantage is that access to the water is difficult or even dangerous, due to slippery rocks in the shallows. It has umbrellas and sunbeds.

Ladiko and Antony Quinn Bay: Two small organised, adjacent beaches near Faliraki. Ladiko is a cove with a sandy beach. Next to it is Vayes, or Antony Quinn beach. Scenes from the 1961 film “The Guns of Navarone” were shot here and this beach fascinated the famous actor. It is small, pebbled, and is great for snorkelling. It has been awarded the Blue Flag and the town of Rhodes is 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) away.

Katsouni: A large beach with fine sand and shallow waters, making it ideal for small children. It is located 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) south of Lardos beach, 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the capital.

Kolimpia: Serviced beach with sand and fine pebbles. There are hotels, beach bars, and taverns. It is ideal for water sports and has won a Blue Flag.

Kiotari: Endless, serviced beach with sand, which reaches up to Lachania. Along the beach there are luxury hotels, tavernas, and bars. Water sports are offered (wind surfing, jet ski, kite etc.). It is 60 km from the city.

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Kalavarda: Small beach with sand and pebbles. It is not organised, but has some showers, a beach bar etc. You can stay until dusk and admire the beautiful sunset. It is 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) away from the city and it is worth taking a walk to the picturesque village.

Fanes: An extensive sandy beach in the west, with shallow waters and a fishing port. There are tavernas, and also windsurfing and kite-surfing schools as it is exposed to the north winds. It is suitable for those who avoid crowds and is 30 km from Rhodes town.

Dry: The beach of the village of Archangelos, 29 kilometres (18.5 miles) from Rhodes town. With pebbles, sand, umbrellas and sunbeds, it is relatively quiet. At its edge there is a small harbour. The beach is home to the island’s famous fish taverns. Some water sports and a beach volley court.

Camiros: Serviced beach in the west with fine sand and taverns, about 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the town. Ideal for a quiet swim.

Agios Pavlos: With sandy pebbles and clear waters, on the south side of the acropolis of Lindos. Although a small beach, it is busy and has infrastructure. It is suitable for snorkelling. It got its name because, according to tradition, it is where the Apostle Paul landed when he passed through Rhodes (the chapel here is dedicated to him). 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the town.

Pine trees: 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) from Lindos, this is a large, organised, and busy beach. It is surrounded by pine forest and large hotels.

Glystra: Nice beach and relatively quiet, in a bay away from the residential area. It has sunbeds, umbrellas, canoeing, and is suitable for children. It is 55 kilometres (34 miles) from the town.

Lardos: The only beach that has won the European Blue Flag. It is 65 kilometres (40 miles) from the town, with sand and pebbles. Water sports available.