The long history of the island and its cultural value can be seen in the buildings, the cobblestones, as well as the museum spaces with the rich exhibits.


Archaelogical Museum:

Housed in the old Knights’ Hospital. On display are finds from the Mycenaean period to the Middle Ages, from Rhodes and the neighbouring islands. In the garden are mosaics from Hellenistic houses. (Tel.: 22413 65257, Old Town, Museum Square).

Jewish Museum:

Housed since 1997 in the former women’s quarters of the Kahal Shalom Synagogue. Exhibits include religious objects, utensils, historical documents, religious books, costumes, etc. Dosiadou, on the eastern side of the Old Town. (Tel. 22410 22364).

The jewellery collection of Rhodes:

Can be found in the equestrian building of the Armoury, in Argyrokastro Square. Traditional costumes, woodcarvings, embroidery, ceramics, furniture, etc. from the 16th-20th centuries are on display (Tel.: 22410 70253).

Small folklore museums can be found in various villages on the island such as

The Rhodes Museum of Folk Decorative Arts

The Folk Decorative Arts collection at the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes was established during Italian rule, with the initiative credited to Mrs. Marica Montessanto. The collection includes a variety of artifacts such as embroideries, carpets, tools, pottery, and metal objects, which, when combined with the overall arrangement of the museum, approximates the image and ambiance of a typical Dodecanesian home during the Ottoman period.

you can also visit the Folklore Museum Lardos & the Folklore Museum of Kolympia

Museum of Modern Greek Art:

The Municipal Gallery – now the Museum of Modern Greek Art – began operating in 1950, housing works by leading Greek artists – paintings, engravings, ceramics, sculptures, drawings and documents. Over time, the museum has significantly enriched its collections and has been divided into four buildings: the Museum of Modern Greek Art, Nestorideios Melathro, the New Wing of Nestorideios Melathro and the Centre for Contemporary Art – Old Mess Hall.

The Aquarium:

Housed in an unusual, art deco-inspired building which resembles a ship. It was designed by the Italian architect Armando Bernabiti. Young and old come here to see fish, crustaceans, turtles, sea anemones, moray eels, seals and much more. Some species are endangered.
There is also a Research Centre. (Tel. 22410 27308).